What we're about

This is a group for Solidity Ethereum and New Blockchain Developers, Altcoin and Bitcoin HODLers, Supply Chain Purchase Managers, Suppliers, Data Scientists, IoT Designers, Engineers, Students as well as those generally interested in AIML, Big Data Science, Azure, Hadoop, Industrial Design, Product Design, Industrial Internet IIoT, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, 3D Modelling and leveraging Innovative Design & Advanced Manufacturing supply chains locally in California. Whether you are a Blockchain Developer, Azure or Hadoop Big Data Developer, Supply Chain Procurement Professional or Designer of Drones, Medical Devices, Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT); whether you are an industrial designer, mechanical engineer, maker, entrepreneur, inventor, product developer, prototyper, 3d printer, fabricator, machinist, student, teacher, or just generally interested in blockchain and manufacturing supply chain - we will be organizing regular Meetup events for discussions at our local chamber of commerce and for occasional visits to Factories where you can see a variety of design and fabrication processes on the workshop floor, meet with owners, hear experienced and inspirational speakers, share insights and socialize together! Join SyncFab to meet other Blockchain Developersand Speakers, Crypto Influencers, Product Designers, Supply Chain Members and Fabricators including 3D Print Service Bureaus along with Hosted Tours of Specialty Manufacturers of all kinds including well known Automotive, Aviation, Brewing, Design, Glass Blowing, Metal Fabrication and More!

We are a group of California based Blockchain Developers, Supply Chain Buyers, Suppliers, and enlightened Designers, Engineers and Entrepreneurs with the understanding that sourcing locally is not only supportive of our local community but makes for more accurate prototyping, better production quality control and more environmentally responsible manufacturing. Our collaboration and solidarity empowers supply chain buyers, designers and engineers with greater accessibility to decentralized manufacturing by taking back their power from major corporations to nearshore and nearsource manufacturing allowing for more intuitive efficient design around underutilized surplus local manufacturing capacity.

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