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StartupToken is a Blockchain Accelerator ( http://www.startuptoken.com ) with current locations in Paris, France.

Our Meetups are a source for everything Blockchain technology: News, Trends, Introducing startup projects, VC info, their future outlooks and connecting those in the space.

We hold frequent events in Paris, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo with more cities on the way!

Find one of our Hackathon's ( https://startuptoken.com/hackathon/ ) and other events here (https://www.meetup.com/find/?allMeetups=fal... (https://www.meetup.com/find/?allMeetups=false&keywords=startuptoken&radius=Infinity&userFreeform=Paris%2C+France&mcId=z1011740&mcName=Paris%2C+FR&sort=recommended&eventFilter=mysugg))!

We participate in conferences all around the globe, have been covered in ICO Crowd (http://icocrowd.com/startuptoken-distribute... (http://icocrowd.com/startuptoken-distributed-network-accelerators/)), Liberation (http://www.liberation.fr/futurs/2017/11/29/... (http://www.liberation.fr/futurs/2017/11/29/au-coeur-de-paris-les-bitcoineux-installes-dans-leur-bulle_1613469)) France, and CryptoCompare (https://www.cryptocompare.com/email-updates... (https://www.cryptocompare.com/email-updates/daily/2017/october/16/)), amongst others.

Our Meetup community focuses around Blockchain and startup projects we've partnered with that are leveraging Blockchain technology to disrupt and innovate via Fintech, Education, Commerce, Humanitarian, Social Networking and Investment.

Each event is an opportunity to learn from experts paving the way: VC investors, Developers, Security experts, Protocol creators, and Blockchain project founders.

Join our Telegram ( https://t.me/startuptoken ) group and keep up to date with new startup projects ( https://startuptoken.com/ )!

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Blockpass Seminar: Security Tokens


Please confirm attendance at eventbrite - link at end of this post The arrival of security tokens represents a huge opportunity for investors as well as enormous potential for operational efficiencies in capital markets and provides for innovation in other sector verticals too. Some have estimated that the potential market could be worth into the trillions of dollars. New infrastructure is emerging to support the effective use of these crypto-assets including new types of exchanges, issuance platforms, funds, custodians and legal and regulatory compliance providers. In 2019, Blockpass is launching a series of leading security token events to help educate and inform business, investors and policymakers wishing to explore this trend and to help build the community that will drive the security token ecosystem of the future. Topics to be covered How do STOs differ from ICOs? Policy, legal and regulatory compliance issues related to Security Token Offerings Future of stock exchanges and clearing houses What infrastructure still needs to be built to take STOs mainstream? What will be disintermediated; what will simply be made more efficient? Who should attend? Blockchain-based investors, entrepreneurs, companies launching security tokens, cryptocurrency exchanges, banks, regulators, lawyers and policymakers, academics, media and other blockchain and fintech influencers. Why attend? Understand the Security Token ecosystem and address roadblocks to wider adoption Explore the investment opportunities offered Network with leading entrepreneurs and service providers in the field Access real-world examples and case studies Please confirm attendance and get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockpass-security-token-seminar-tickets-55954289787

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