What we're about

StartupToken is a Blockchain Accelerator ( http://www.startuptoken.com ) with current locations in Paris, France.

Our Meetups are a source for everything Blockchain technology: News, Trends, Introducing startup projects, VC info, their future outlooks and connecting those in the space.

We hold frequent events in Paris, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo with more cities on the way!

Find one of our Hackathon's ( https://startuptoken.com/hackathon/ ) and other events here (https://www.meetup.com/find/?allMeetups=fal... (https://www.meetup.com/find/?allMeetups=false&keywords=startuptoken&radius=Infinity&userFreeform=Paris%2C+France&mcId=z1011740&mcName=Paris%2C+FR&sort=recommended&eventFilter=mysugg))!

We participate in conferences all around the globe, have been covered in ICO Crowd (http://icocrowd.com/startuptoken-distribute... (http://icocrowd.com/startuptoken-distributed-network-accelerators/)), Liberation (http://www.liberation.fr/futurs/2017/11/29/... (http://www.liberation.fr/futurs/2017/11/29/au-coeur-de-paris-les-bitcoineux-installes-dans-leur-bulle_1613469)) France, and CryptoCompare (https://www.cryptocompare.com/email-updates... (https://www.cryptocompare.com/email-updates/daily/2017/october/16/)), amongst others.

Our Meetup community focuses around Blockchain and startup projects we've partnered with that are leveraging Blockchain technology to disrupt and innovate via Fintech, Education, Commerce, Humanitarian, Social Networking and Investment.

Each event is an opportunity to learn from experts paving the way: VC investors, Developers, Security experts, Protocol creators, and Blockchain project founders.

Join our Telegram ( https://t.me/startuptoken ) group and keep up to date with new startup projects ( https://startuptoken.com/ )!

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RSK and RIF Technical Meet-up


Blockpass Seminar: Security Tokens


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