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For like-minded people to hang out, do show-and-tell, and bask in the lovely culture that is tech. We focus on 2 types of meetups, cryptocurrency and web development.

Sponsors get an intro at the start of every meetup along with a printed out poster at the entrance.

Let us know if you like to be a sponsor to help with the food / drinks / venue fee. 

Upcoming events (3)

Monero NYC - 2022 MAY - XMR Tail Emissions & LTC's MWEB ++ Luna's Crypto Crash

This month's theme will be about privacy. Monero's upcoming tail emissions is due to activate in June and Litecoin's MimbleWimble activation will take place end of this month. Let's come together to discuss / debate.

Topics - 30 Min Presentation on:

  • Monero's - Tail Emissions - What is it and how does it impact XMR?
  • Monero Update! - Ringsize Increase / Viewtags / Bulletproofs+
  • Litecoin joins the privacy scene with its MWEB - MimbleWimble integration. LTC <> XMR atomic swaps possible?
  • Privacy Coin Development Updates - Monero / Secret / Haven / Oxen / Litecoin Etc...
  • We'll also discuss about the recent crypto crash and how Terra Luna managed to crash the entire market and what happens next...

Topics based off of:


After the presentation, we will break out into Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions. BoF's are informal gatherings of people with similar interests. We'll have a newbie circle for those new to the space and more advanced BoF circles for the rest.


A BYOB (Bring your own Beer) and Potluck event. If it so moves you, please bring something to share: chips, drinks, or cooked food, etc - surprise us! Sharing is caring! It's a great way to break the ice and meet new people.

TIME: 5:30PM - 7:30PM
PLACE: 40 Wall Street - 27th floor (MUST RSVP)

You MUST RSVP with your FULL NAME and EMAIL. A building pass will be sent to you from Rise Building Security. You'll need this to gain access to the building. Please bring your ID. Building security extremely strict.

Please feel free to message us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you all!



We also have a DeFi Trading In-Person Workshop for those interested:

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Meetup Notes:

The Art of Defi Trading and Investing (In-Person Workshop)

Needs a location


This is small group setting where you will learn the basics of how to trade and invest in the Defi ecosystem. We'll go over the tools required to navigate this space.

Topics we'll cover:

* Defi Fundamentals (AMM / Liquidity Providers / Impermanent Loss)
* Defi Trading Intro & Walk Through
* Tools in Defi (Metamask / Block Explorers)
* Defi Farming
* Trading & Farming Tips
* Projects covered: Uniswap, 1inch, other EVM related chains, etc.

Since the class is catered to a small group. There will be a section with hands on training on how to make a trade.

All students will receive coins on a paper wallet to execute live trades.


LOCATION: 40 Wall Street - 27th Floor
COST: $40 (Includes coins for hands on trading) -- Payment will be collected via Zelle.

This class is for anyone looking to get into the Defi space and aren’t sure how to go about doing it. Also it is newbie friendly for Bitcoin and Ethereum users that are just learning how it all works. We won’t be going too in depth on the technology side of how it all works, but more on how to start and make a trade. Rest assured it will be a fun learning experience.

A laptop is required to participate in the hands on trading session. Make sure to setup https://metamask.io before class. Also available on your smartphone.

Pat Che is the co-Founder of xCubicle, also a Full Stack Developer, speaker, and crypto consultant. xCubicle, is a hybrid tech startup that focuses on niche hardware repairs and web development. As one of the early pioneers in the space, he helped incubate the Bitcoin NYC community to what it is today. Patrick and his company has been featured in the WSJ, Reuters, NYPost, and other media. He also gives talks and workshops relating to crypto-currency and web development.

Jiagi Li is a freelance video editor and the organizer of the monthly Blockchain Meetup on Wall Street. As an early adopter of the Defi space, he brings fresh insight and know-how.

A Crypto Get Together @ The Market Line (Crypto Family Friendly Event!)

It's been over a year since our last family friendly crypto event. Let's congregate at the Market Line on the Lower East Side. Plenty of vendors to checkout and a nice open public area to socialize. And most of all, its kid friendly for crypto parents that can't attend the usual meetups with family.

Join like minded folks and discuss:

  • The Defi craze in the past month.
  • Monero and other Privacy technologies
  • Anything crypto related. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc...)
  • What's trending in crypto land.

Date: June 1 (Wed)
Time: 5PM - 8PM
Place: Essex Market Line - In Front of Peoples Wine Bar (Downstairs)
Parking: Plenty of meter parking on Essex and Grand St. Or just take the train.

*Family and Kids friendly meetup spot!
*Plenty of unique food/drink/dessert vendors.
*Open public space with long standing tables to socialize.

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