• Crypto Syndicate #2

    Needs a location

    An invite only crypto event to promote deep and inquisitive conversations among crypto enthusiast and professionals. Our group events are intended to be small so everyone leaves with a sense of camaraderie.

    Join the WAITLIST until an event host adds you to the main attendee list if you were not referred by a friend. Anyone on the waitlist, please fill out this RSVP questionnaire: https://forms.gle/nyRs4PgDPH9FFeFSA - If you didn't get into the event, it means we've reached capacity. Just wait for the next event.

  • Crypto Get Together @ The Market Line (Family Friendly) Free Crypto Ice Cream

    The crypto bear market is pretty brutal, come out for a break and talk it out with fellow survivors. In celebration of National Ice Cream month, our friends at the LES Ice Cream Factory will be renaming their flavors with crypto-centric names. They have a stall at Essex Market and anyone that RSVP will get a free scoop (limited supplies).

    Crypto Ice Cream Flavors:
    Bitcoin OG - Coffee Chip
    Exotic Ethereum - Pandan
    Monero Mango
    Litecoin Butter - Zen Butter
    Luna Survivor - Taro
    Celsius Hodler - Green Tea Oreo
    And other regular flavors...

    Come Join like minded folks and discuss:

    • The Defi craze in the past year.
    • Monero and other Privacy technologies
    • Anything crypto related. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc...)
    • What's trending in crypto land.

    Time: 5:30PM - 8PM
    Place: Essex Market Line - Private Kitchen Area (2nd Floor)
    Parking: Plenty of meter parking on Essex and Grand St. Or just take the train.

    *Family and Kids friendly meetup spot!
    *Plenty of unique food/drink/dessert vendors.