BlockTalks: Combating Climate Change with Tech

This is a past event

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Is climate change policy one of the key decision issues for you at the federal election?

This event will promote discussion and debate on this issue by examining how tech start-ups are working towards alleviating effects of climate change. You will hear from start-ups working in the energy sector who are employing blockchain technology to address the greatest challenge of our time.

Technology is growing exponentially, especially with emerging tech such as blockchain, AI and Machine Learning and IoT. These innovations are providing platforms and solutions that will assist individuals, organisations and governments to mitigate and limit the effects of climate change.

Please join us for this pre-election event to gain insight into what policy support is needed to find the most efficient technological solutions to contribute to addressing climate change before heading to the voting booths. Our government representatives are there to serve our interest and through this event, we can inform ourselves better in order to hold them to account.

Panel will be released shortly.

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