Cognitive Analytics in Support of Governmental Execution


The 2nd Blochainers meetup is about the application of the blockchain. In this case in the Austrian Bundesrechenzentrum (


10 min: Introduction by organizers Matthias/Erhard

45 min: Main Topic: "Cognitive Analytics in Support of Governmental Execution – and its Retention in the Blockchain" by Matthias Lichtenthaler (Head of Digital Transformation at the Federal Computing Center of Austria) - the talk will be in english:

• Securing specific relevant processes is a key issue within the public sector – not only in Austria

• Generally Cognitive Analytics can support governmental execution by extracting relevant information building blocks from a vast amount of data & content – consolidated and pre-filtered to enhance the basis of decision making

• To verify the input into the Blockchain the Federal Computing Center evaluates options to double-check the content and the conclusiveness of any entry

About Matthias Lichtenthaler

Mr. Lichtenthaler is a senior Digital Expert. He holds a legal degree and is an expert in Information Management, Cognitive Analytics and blockchain-related processes. During many years of project management in the area of Project, Document & Data management he developed extensive experience in Information Management, Content Analytics, Project Information Management and Business Process Automation. Altogether he can reflect upon 16 years experience within IT project management. He is a PMP (“Project Management Professional”) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI / )

5 min per talk: Lightning Talks by the community

- "The Blockchain - Distributed DB with 3 security features?" and "What is China's problem with virtual currencies?" by Erhard Dinhobl

- "Cryptocurrency Wallet within Facebook Messenger", request for team members by Florian Treml

Closing / Goodie for Matthias Lichtenthaler

Lightning Talk?

If you want to start a project, want to get some help, have a job offer or something else about Blockchain then you should do a Lightning Talk! No laptop or presentation - only you for 5 minutes. - see Wikipedia (

if you are interested as speaker for the main topic or for a lightning talk, write us a message!