Diaspora Investing: Stopping Brain Drain with Blockchain

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We are going to dive into the solutions that already exist, what solutions are being made possible by blockchain technology, what solutions we can use to create prosperity between emerging markets and diaspora community. The theme for the event will revolve around blockchain’s potential in emerging markets, specifically as it relates to creating a bridge between diaspora and local populations - around diaspora tech, a term the Emerge team uses to refer to how blockchain technology will revolutionize economies around the world and bring diaspora populations closer to their own homes - specifically as it relates to financial inclusion and the transfer of intellectual capital back to their countries.

Diaspora direct investment. This relates to the redefinition of how diaspora members invest in projects in their home countries and how they reap rewards are able to best identify risks and opportunities.

Democratic Processes. This topic focuses on the ability for citizens outside of their country to vote on local issues.

Intellectual Capital Transfer. The transfer of knowledge and how-tos about the latest development of blockchain applications and development by diaspora members.

Challenges with investing Diaspora. Challenges with sending money, investing in projects, interacting with the government.

Panelists Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN, Digital Correspondent @vyurkevich
Ben Siegel, Blockchain for Social Impact, ConsenSys @BenLLS
Danielle Leong, Raise
Aleks Mehrle, Razom for Ukraine and UGTI ------

Panel discussion: 45 minutes
Q&A Interaction: 15 minutes
Networking: 30 minutes before and after

Food & Space generously Provided by Airswap, a ConsenSys Joint Venture.