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Blockchain Masterclass with Government Use Cases + Certificate

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Bonus: How to launch a blockchain business or pivot your career into the blockchain space.

Understand the business and value proposition of blockchain, enterprise distributed ledger technology

Understand cryptography, hashing, public/private key, elliptic curve algorithms, cryptographic attack vectors

The technical trade-offs and architectures leading up to the blockchain within the world of distributed computing. Including concepts like a peer-to-peer network, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Byzantine General's Problem, Multi-phased commits, cache synchronization

Open up the blockchain and peek under the hood: Blockchain data structures like blocks, chains, transactions, accounts, addresses - see how it all works and how it all fits together

Understand consensus algorithms, what they are and why we need them, including algorithms like Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Authority, RAFT, Hashgraph, Notary services

Understanding the different blockchains and the varying value propositions and architectures: Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger Fabric, Hashgraph, EOS, NEO, NEM, Quorum, Corda, Ripple

Understanding the HyperLedger suite: Fabric, Burrow, Indy, Iroha, Sawtooth and how it all fits together

Understand blockchain topologies such as DAGs

Smart contracts: What they are, how to write one, Solidity examples, use cases, OPCODE, auditing and attack vectors

Understand the different asset tokenization strategies and how to create liquidity, fractionalization and distribution of tokenized assets.

Understand the future and impact of quantum computing, quantum-resistant crypto and algorithms

Become familiar with the future of blockchain & upcoming technologies: Casper, sharding, Ethereum Vyper, Homestead

Explore the most popular blockchain use cases: Supply chain, real estate, trading, HFT, Fintech

The mechanics of forks including hard, soft and software forks and how versioning is used to track it on the blockchain

Understand the core issues around decentralized ID and identity management

Learn how to launch an STO: Walk through an actually token offering on the blockchain and see how tokens are created, issued and tracked. Evaluate the technical architecture of an ICO, the process of issuing a coin, observing transactions on chain of ICO funds moving in and out of ICO wallets, real-life smart contract analysis

Learn about token economics and how to use game theory and monte carlo simulations to predict token prices, identify risks and price out a token offering

Bonus: Machine learning & Big data: Applying machine learning and big data concepts to blockchain


"I've had many conversations on blockchain but this is the first time I actually understood it." - Katherine Sanden, Math and Computer Science Teacher at Menlo School

“The course was informative, interactive and thought-provoking, and well paced. It was just the right mix of technical, theoretical and practical information. Thank you for a brilliant course” - Elham Bambaei, Vice President, Citibank

“Jamiel (Instructor) is deeply knowledgeable about blockchain.” - Diana Doroftei, Oliver Wyman Management Consulting

"I could not have gotten more out of this class. They are so many different sources of information out there, but the group here, in particular, has studied it enough to become experts and have given me at least two or three very tangible action items I can take back to work" - Lisabeth Wirth, Marsh & McLennan Companies

“I had the time to ask questions. I had those questions answered in depth and I walked away from this as a long-time IT professional, ready and raring to go in this space.” - Beverly Burnett, Senior Technical Project Manager, AIG