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    WOMEN IN FINTECH: CRYPTO & BLOCKCHAIN [Investment Class] How to Profit From 2018's Bear/Crash Market? 10 Ways to To Survive and Profit in a Bear Market. 10 Insights From Investors About Blockchain in 2018. Story image for IPO vs STO: Will STOs Replace ICOs as the Go-To Funding Model in Crypto? What are investors supposed to do? Learn more about the crypto market in Q4 across price, network, exchange, developer, and social fundamental metrics, join us! _______________________________________________ Women in Crypto (New York) & CryptoHQ, Starta Ventures are inviting you to join the [Crypto & Blockchain]+[Investment Class] - Breakfast for female investors and entrepreneurs, who are looking for maximizing crypto wealth. 8:30 AM | Welcome/Introduction Registration, Coffee/Tea, Breakfast 9:00 AM | [Investment Class] and [Unique Cases of women] How would you manage your risk in a bear market and make the most out of a bull market? Share your thoughts with us! - 10 Ways to To Survive and Profit in a Bear Market. - 3 Trading Strategies, Day Trading Alerts For A Bear Market - 10 Insights From Investors About How They Evaluate ICO Projects. - Blockchain in 2018: Do We Know What We Don't Know? - Story image for IPO vs STO: Will STOs Replace ICOs as the Go-To Funding Model in Crypto? - ICO: What is it, and how does cryptocurrency financing work? - Where the crypto market is going, overcoming industry roadblocks through education, regulatory improvements? - How has the cryptocurrency market impacted the ICO and token market? - What are cryptocurrencies biggest roadblocks to mass adoption? What are investors supposed to do? 9:50 AM | Q/A and Networking //Ladies, We are highlighting all of the wonderful women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain, share economy, investment, entrepreneurship, technology ecosystem and the various types of roles they play. Meanwhile, surveys indicate that more than 90% of Bitcoin users are male. According to The Cointelegraph, only 1.76% of the Crypto & Blockchain community are women. By 2020, it is estimated that women will control $20 trillion dollars of investable capital which is equivalent to twice the GDP of India and China combined! Opportunities exist for women to earn more income and impact the global economy - through investments, trading, share economy, and virtual spending. Tech-savvy female entrepreneurs are also looking to fund their startups rather than relying solely on venture capital investment; yet another financial sector that is still dominated by men. This is even more reason to change this while it's still fresh, but rather aggressively influence and motivate more women to get involved. Ladies, don't get left behind, just start exploring this topic. The more you divulge into it, the faster you'll discover ways to earn money, invest and create opportunities for women globally with technology. _______________________________________________ If you have any questions, please contact Manana Samuseva: [masked], [masked] _______________________________________________ What's what? This is part one is series for weekly events with different experts, traders, blockchain founders for the month of December/January/February/March/April. Seats at the event will be given out on a first come first served basis. _______________________________________________ Join the conversation on telegram: https://t.me/WomenInCryptos Starta Capital is a Leading Venture Capital Firm, Business and Blockchain Accelerator. Starta Accelerator’s main mission is to help startups with R&D roots gain traction in the U.S. and become part of the local startup ecosystem. Its main focus is on technological startups with potential for the global product www.startaventures.com CryptoHQ is an NYC’s Leading Fund-Converter (Venture capital | Private Equity) www.cryptoHQ.me

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    Address: 77 Bowery, 8 floor · New York, NY. Phone [masked] for entry. Manana ([masked]) __________________________________ AGENDA: 8:30 AM | Welcome/Introduction Registration, Coffee/Tea, Breakfast 8:40 AM | Intro to Trading Crypto: How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency Coins (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Alt-coin) with Naomi Shea You will learn: how to open Coinbase or Gemini account; how to buy Bitcoin, Etherium,Lightcoin,and Bitcoin Cash; how to buy alt coins from other exchanges; how to send and receive crypto assets to your wallets; how to be verified by the exchanges: how to link your checking account or your debit card to the exchanges; how to set up Google authenticator (GA: is a software token that implements two-step verification services to protect your assets from being hacked or stolen). Naomi Shea a volunteer who wants to increase adoption particularly among women. "I am an early adopter, run our own family non-profit foundation: the Craig family foundation based in Greenwich Ct. I invest in real estate, stock, startups, ICOs, and cryptocurrency. I do not want to be on TV. I do not want to get paid. I do this to empower women. To help them be financially secure and make money. I share my experience and how I did it." Not a financial advisor. 9:10 AM | Blockchain, Adoption, Future of the Technology, Tokenization, Monetary Policy, Governance and somehow - ERIKA MOUYNES, Partner at Pixbae and at The Museum Endowment Fund 9:40 AM | Stress Management Techniques for High Achieving Women with Erin Assenza Are you feeling stressed about work, life or family? Come learn ways to reduce stress naturally, so you can live a happier healthier life. Erin Assenza is an Integrative Nutrition Coach, Health Educator and Mindfulness Teacher. She helps high-achieving individuals go from feeling confused and anxious around food to feeling empowered by their food choices. Erin spent a decade in the start-up world surrounded by extremely bright and accomplished women and men, constantly inspired by their business achievements. And yet, “health” was the one thing that seemed to confuse everyone. She watched as these women and men slowly hurt themselves (without realizing it) through the foods they ate, the stress they endured, and the detrimental social lifestyle choices they made. Erin knew there had to be a better way to live, work and thrive. Becoming more in-tune with her own mental and physical needs she studied yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Through this education, she realized that being healthy didn’t have to be complicated, but it was imperative to thriving in life and work. Erin’s mission is to empower individuals to take control of their own health so they can live a fulfilling and enriching life. Her clients have included CEO’s, VP’s and Authors. As well as major brands like NBC, Macy’s, Humana, The Muse, and Design Hotels. _______________________________________ For crypto/blockchain startups: [masked], Manana Samuseva [masked] This is @ BuroHQ and space is super limited so we are selling tickets for $15.00 (to make sure you come). Sign up here before we sell out. ______________________________________ SPEAKER APPLICATION INTERNSHIP APPLICATION DAY PASS APPLICATION CRYPTO HQ NYC, BLOCKCHAIN INCUBATOR APPLICATION • Important to know Tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-in-crypto-female-in-bitcoin-blockchain-techinvestment-class-tickets-42666428436

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    Blockchain use cases: individual presentations Use cases: The Reality and the Future of Asset Tokenization Address: 77 Bowery, 8 floor · New York, NY. Phone [masked] for entry. Manana ([masked]) 5:00 PM | Welcome/Introduction 5:30 PM | BLOCKCHAIN FOR GLOBAL MARKET How Blockchain will Transform the Global Economy Which institution will be affected: central banks, law firms, VCs, stock exchanges? Disruptive use cases: currency, asset tokens, contracts and transparency. Building a more inclusive society with the blockchain. Promoting social and economic justice, advancing poverty reduction and developing the democratic institutions. The Rules and Governance of the Blockchain Economy Self-regulation or government intervention? Self-conduct rules design and implementation: investors protection, governance Self-regulation initiatives Use cases: Greatest Blockchain Use Cases for the Next Decade How blockchain applies to healthcare, logistics, and other industries? Token design. When is blockchain really needed? 6:00 PM | INVESTING: HYBRID MODEL FOR VENTURE CAPITAL AND CRYPTO-HEDGE FUND Investments: How to structure a crypto fund and find LPs? Insights for ICOs: What Family Offices and Hedge Funds are Looking for in Tokens? Use cases: Blockchain for Banking 6:30 PM | CRYPTO BANK & ICO 2.0 Cash gateways and crypto friendly banks How to acquire fiat for ICO? How to open a bank account for crypto companies. How to pay for a pizza in your crypto? Accessibility, legality, usability and transaction costs issues Capital Controls How is tokenization putting real-world assets on blockchain? 7:00 PM | VALUE DRIVERS OF CRYPTO MARKET Why top-50 tokens worth $300 bn (ex Bitcoin)? How to build a protocol that will reach top-10? From white paper to $1B in market cap? Risks of new Bans and their Impact. Where is it heading to? 7:30 PM | VENTURE CAPITAL AND POST-ICO Liquidity, early adopters, globalization, what else ICO gives to a new company? How VC investment benefits the company? Regulation, negative selection and other issues of ICOs How to combine VC money with ICO money? Why tokenize an asset: liquidity premium and other benefits for asset owners and investors. Why ICO failing or going to the moon? Drivers of ICO and post-ICO performance in 2017. "Pump and dump": is it a strategy in 2018? Best practices and common pitfalls in ICO. Insights for ICOs: Managing Networks and Communities How to build a community around the project? Best-practices in cooperation with blockchain communities around the world For crypto/blockchain startups: [masked], Manana Samuseva [masked] This is @ BuroHQ and space is super limited so we are selling tickets for $25/$50 (to make sure you come). Address: 77 Bowery, 8 floor, New York, NY, 10002 SPEAKER APPLICATION CRYPTO HQ NYC, BLOCKCHAIN INCUBATOR APPLICATION tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-ethereum-night-out-tickets-42481403020