Event Chat: Meetup’s Latest Communication Innovation

A true game-changer, Event Chat will help you stay connected between events with life-like conversations in real time.

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The addition of Event Chat to Meetup’s communication toolbox is (if we do say so ourselves) quite a big deal. A real-time conversation embedded within a Meetup event page, this chat will open up a whole new world of connections. 

For over two decades, Meetup has provided a platform to help people find and build local communities. During that time, Meetup events have brought people together to interact, ask questions, learn, laugh, and form bonds. Now, with Event Chat, you can enjoy all of those same things between events, too.  

From an organizer perspective, Event Chat represents a seismic shift in the ability to make sure people who RSVPed actually show up to your event. You can let people know more about your event and your group at lightning speed, helping you establish a rapport with potential new group members before the event begins. Plus, you can ask members what they want out of the event and get real-time replies, helping you shape or modify your plan on the fly. If you’re a group member, you can use the chat to ask questions about an event and get real-time responses from the event host. 

Overall, Event Chat is designed to help members feel like they’re part of a thriving and active community that doesn’t disappear when an event ends.  

How Event Chat works and where to find it 

On the right hand side of an event page underneath the date and time of the event, there is a button for Event Chat. Clicking the button enters you into the chat, where you can ask questions, make comments, or simply follow the conversation. By joining the Event Chat, you’ll be opted into push notifications as new chat messages occur.

There’s also a simple opt-out for group members who haven’t registered for an event and no longer need chat notifications. Just go to the event homepage and click “Leave Event Chat.”

Who can use Event Chat

An earlier version of Event Chat was available to some Meetup organizers. This version only allowed members who had RSVPed to an event to join the Event Chat.  

But from here on out, Event Chat is available to all Meetup members and organizers! Based on feedback from organizers during beta testing, we’ve decided to open Event Chat to all group members, not just those who have already RSVPed to the event. 

Event Chat makes it easy for more members to participate in group discussions, but we want to ensure Meetup organizers remain in the driver’s seat. Organizers and event hosts will have the ability to moderate the chat by deleting messages that don’t contribute to the conversation or violate the rules of the group.  

Why Event Chat is a useful game-changer   

There’s no need to be coy: Event Chat is a serious upgrade from event comments, the existing way to communicate on an event page. Where comments are static, old-fashioned, and impersonal, Event Chat is lively, sleek, and feels like a genuine conversation. Event Chat supports: 

  • Photo sharing 
  • Link previews 
  • Emoji reactions to messages 
  • Visible timestamps for messages
  • Sharing pdf documents 

If you’re an organizer or event host, you can get a daily email summary of the chat. This will help you stay current on what’s exciting the group and where there may be room for improvement in your event planning. An active chat function helps questions get answered efficiently, leading to far fewer no-shows. Even when you leave the Meetup app, you can keep up with the conversation via push notifications triggered each time a message is sent. 

Start chatting today 

The goal is always to facilitate connection in both simple and long-lasting ways. With that in mind, the Event Chat tool will keep evolving as members and organizers share their experience. For example, there are already plans to add features like message threading and more sophisticated chat moderation tools for organizers.  

A life-like conversation is at your fingertips. Try it out before your next event. Afterward, keep connected by joining the Event Chat for another upcoming event!

Last modified on August 30, 2023