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Spirit Animal Discovery Workshop with Fox
Finding out your Soul Spirit Animal can give you insights into your relationships, career, health, and overall connection to everything around you. Kimberley Coffman, or "Fox" as many call her, offers a unique look into the world of personal healing, connection, and psychology through the use of animals who represent the authentic core or soul energy of an individual. In her "Spirit Animal Discovery" workshop you will be learning your own Soul Spirit Animal alongside others in the group. Concepts explored will also include the differences between Spirit Animal Guides and your Soul Spirit Animal, how to work with your Spirit Animal, communication and relationships, and how you can live more authentically for yourself! Thursday, December 13th 6:00pm to 8:30pm $35 Call[masked] to register - space is limited! About being a Soul Animal Lantern: Kimberley Coffman, or 'Fox', has been reading soul animals professionally for almost seven years and has offered her gift to clients from all over the world. Her abilities stand a part in animal energy work as she can intuitively 'see' all types of animals down to the exact species which can offer you a more in depth look at everything that you are. The animals she sees are not separate from you as guides but actually representations of your higher self! Living authentically can sometimes be foreign, scary, and challenging. Utilizing the valuable tool of knowing and applying your Soul Spirit Animal can help you heal old wounds, find direction, and learn deep truths about yourself. In addition to Fox's work as a Soul Animal Lantern, she heads and runs the community platform called Moon Tribes where Soul Animal concepts and authentic living are combined with tribal-nouveau practices and the modern world. She is also a full time artist intuitively blending nature, legend, lore, and spirit in sculpture and painting. Visit The Fox for more about Fox and her work or tune into the podcast she frequents to listen in on a wide range of topics regarding spirit, connection, and metaphysics: Deb & Friends: Quest for Connection To schedule a private session or your own group Spirit Animal Discovery event call or text[masked]

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Parkway · Wilmington, NC

What we're about

We are a Wellness Center here in Wilmington that is dedicated to helping, guiding and explaining why you are experiencing the changes that are occurring in your life. We have a very broad educational base here at the Center. Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Color Light Therapy, Tibetan Singing bowls, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Psychologist, Massage, Cupping, and this just starts the list of healing arts we are versed in.
We are also among the first group to be trained in the Crystal Energy Feng Shui Practitioners Art. Here in the States we do not build homes and offices in the traditional Feng Shui manner. So with the assistance of Crystals and their energy we can move the energy to create the balance and flow needed to have a calm, loving, healing atmosphere to live and work in. And even in your traveling!!
Our Mission is to educate, guide and LISTEN to you and your concerns. We have the tools, equipment and items to sell to you, WITH INSTRUCTION on how to better your life and give you peace, love and joy in YOUR world.
Our Blue Lagoon Institute of Healing Arts issue certificates of completion and refresher classes. Just to list a few of our ongoing and certification classes... Reiki Certification, ongoing Crystal Classes of uses, basics to advanced, How to Play Tibetan Singing bowls for your health... Study group of Abraham Practices and how to execute them. We are always adding to our education as your needs change and grow.
We are always available and more than honored to be of service to you. Nameste

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