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Just cross-posting from Baltimore 20s and 30s Nightlife group. I've lived in Baltimore for most of my life yet never been to Honfest so I gotta check it out :) If you're tagging along like I am, make sure you're in that age group. Thanks. Hello everyone,

Honfest is coming up and it is an annual tradition in Baltimore City. There will be three stages throughout the festival. Some will be showcasing bands and others will have contests during the day. There will also be local vendors selling food, crafts, and other artwork all through the Avenue. The Honfest is something you should do if you want to experience a significant part of Baltimore culture. I hope to see you there.

Please check out for more information.

You can contact me at 410-751-8966. Also contact the co-hosts Shannon Hawkins at 828-773-3259, Ariel Begun at 843-230-6843, Amy Conroy at (513) 706-1319 for more information.

If you have trouble finding the festival it takes place on W. 36th Ave., or as the locals call it "The Avenue." And a bit of local trivia. John Waters filmed his movie "Pecker" on "The Avenue."