Ethics and the Environment – It’s Difficult but Not Impossible

Hosted by The Baltimore Ethical Society Meetup

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Rich Reis, Washington Ethical Society

Details: This Earth Day address covers a range of environmental challenges, reasons
that they are critical, and humanity’s role in the problems and the potential solutions.
Reis will identify stakeholders that transcend normal boundaries and address the role of
humanity Mark Lynas identified in The God Species, specifically that we profoundly
affect global processes and the viability of life as we know it. When considering what we
can do and how we should respond, Lynas believes we must use all technology toward
maintaining a habitable planet. Reis, however, feels that many forms of technology
recommended are far too risky. He will explore criteria for satisfactory solutions,
difficulties, dead ends, and many realistic answers, ultimately offering that there are
many reasons to become energized, engaged, and hopeful.

Speaker Bio: Richard (Rich) Reis – a long-time member of the Washington Ethical
Society (WES) – helps lead its earth ethics committee. As a licensed professional
engineer, Reis has developed systems for satellites and pacemakers and now helps small
businesses reduce their energy consumption, utility costs, and environmental impact.
A longtime member of the Maryland Sierra Club, he serves as its chapter energy chair,
writes articles on energy and conservation for Chesapeake as well as serving on its
editorial committee, is an outings leader of hikes and bicycle rides, and is an executive
committee member. He has also testified for energy efficiency and conservation before
state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency and formed Sierran Bicyclists.