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GURPS & Pathfinder (atm)
We are a weekly group that meets each Saturday afternoon in Littleton to play a rotating selection of Roleplaying games. At the moment we are playing GURPS (THIS Gurps game is a near future mutants game) and Pathfinder series (it's a lot like D&D 3.5). We rotate our games on a weekly basis to keep it fresh and also to keep the GM's from burning out. Our selection of games changes from time to time, but in general only when a campaign reaches a close or it's apparent that the group wants a change. At the moment we are seeking new players. If interested, please message me and we can set up a public meet time ahead of game day to discuss the games' specifics, and possibly knock out character creation so we don't burn up game time with it. Oh, btw, newbies are welcome! Most of our group are old hands and have no problem guiding anyone through the process if you're just starting to cut your teeth on it (or want to). I would ask two things though: if you join us, please join all the games (we do need the players) and please show up on a regular basis (it's really hard to run a game when you can't count on folks to show up). Thanks Gang!!! :)

My Place (Main St. in Littleton) Actual address shared with players when you RSVP.

West Main Street · Littleton, co