April all day game day featuring "Barbarians!"

Any game with barbarians (Vikings and other overly-aggressive civilizations) involved will qualify for this month's featured theme. You aren't required to play only games that match the theme, but those games that do can help you win the appropriately themed grand prize from the prize dumpster! "What's in your wallet?"

The gaming room can be found upstairs at Cornerstone and will be open from 9AM - 9PM on Saturday, April 6th.

What's in store for you?

tons of space lots of tables comfy couches if you need a break piles of games Bring whatever drinks you'd like for yourself, and a snack to share if you can. Foodstuffs are available from numerous restaurants within walking (or delivery) distance.

Please RSVP early with an estimated arrival time. This will help provide a headcount and to avoid having you miss out on a game that started just before you arrive!


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