What we're about

Meet other people who enjoy board games at our creative work space in the Flatiron District, next to Madison Square Park, home of the famous Shake Shack.

Types of Games:
Apple to Apples

And more… we're open to suggestions!

When: We are meeting once a month, though depending on the group we would like to meet bi-monthly.

What makes our group different: Our group is more of a way for people to relax after work and interact in a light, fun, social environment. We've all seen the not-so-nice side of people come out when playing in teams in games like Pictionary, so we've decided to get rid of the teams and most of the rules. This is how it would work if we were playing Pictionary: Each player gets a card and then each player takes a turn drawing in order around the table. You get rewarded for drawing well; you get rewarded for guessing well. When someone guesses the answer, both the drawer and the guesser get a point. Everyone is involved, everyone is happy!

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Philcon, General SF Con

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Games at My House

My House

Games at My House

My House

Thursday Boardgames

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