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The Buffalo Boardgames 3rd December Meetup

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Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through the coffee shop, Not a creature was stirring, except for that roudy bunch of boardgame players in the back.

Had a great time this past week as usual. Big thanks to Scott, Laurie, Doug, April, Joe, and Bobbie for bringing and teaching games. Robo Rally was a blast. Hoity Toity was fun and I think it would be even more fun with 5. And the good nights of the round table once again layeth the smacketh downeth in Shadows over Camelot. Aladdin's Dragons, Tikal, TTR Europe, and Caylus also made it to the table this past week to round out another excellent lineup.

We had a lot of new members join this past week and I hope all of you can make it out sometime soon because we need some fresh meat ... urr ... I mean players, yeah fresh players. Seriously, if you have any questions about the group and how it works feel free to email me and I'll be happy to give you the details.

Here's the lineup for this week.

Caylus (Heavy)
Doom: The Boardgame (Med Heavy)
Entdecker (Medium)
Funkenschlag (Power Grid) (Med Heavy)
Ticket to Ride (Light)

Euphrat & Tigris (Not sure, but it's not light)
Hoity Toity (Light)
Modern Art (Medium)
Nexus Ops (Medium Heavy)
Puerto Rico (Heavy)

As always RSVP as soon as you know you can make it for this week's meetup and check out the "December 21st Games" thread on the message boards to post your game nominations and votes.

See you on Wednesday.


The highlight of my gaming night was the Robo Rally game. And the big surprise was that Doug won Robo Rally!!! Yes it's true, give it a minute to sink in. Not only did Doug win but he won by completely destorying all the other robots and didn't capture a single flag. Doug's path of destruction ended when I was newmanized by Doug's tractor beam and then backed mysefl into a pit. Newman!!! Robo Rally, can't beat it.