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The Buffalo Boardgames Meetup Group Message Board › Sentinels of the Multiverse (mini) Campaign *Finished*

Sentinels of the Multiverse (mini) Campaign *Finished*

East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,400
Inspired by the works of a couple people on BGG, I've decided to come up with my own mini-campaign for Sentinels of the Multiverse. Its just a series of battles linked by a story arc with the outcome of one battle have some small affect on the next. The two campaigns I looked at on the geek are big 15 battle jobs with multiple teams of heroes involving cards I don't own. Considering I have played SotM a grand total of I think 4 times, I haven't even seen most of the heroes or villains played, let alone have enough knowledge of the game to make informed decisions about team makeup/strategy. My objective is to create a simple, linear, story campaign to help me learn the different hero/villain options in the game.

Please note that I am a) not incredibly creative, and b) know next to nothing about comic books or comic book heroes. I've probably read less than 5 comic books in my lifetime, and have seen very few comic book based movies, so the story is going to be extremely basic. If anyone is interested in helping me flesh out the story with flavor text or whatever, please shout it out. If the group thinks this project is interesting enough to follow it here, then it'll certainly fly on the geek so once the bugs are ironed out, I'll likely post it there also.

My plan is to play through the campaign solo and also with 3 other players to see how differently things pan out. Because of my limited knowledge of the game, its entirely possible I'll build up something that is impossibly hard, or incredibly easy. That will be part of the fun of this project -- seeing how a bunch of SotM newbies handle the unknown...

General Outline
-- This will be a series of 5 linked battles
-- A couple of the battles will have special rules in place that may affect what members of team may continue the campaign.
-- Unless otherwise stated, any hero that is incapacitated twice is considered out of the campaign.
-- After the first battle of the campaign, of the 14 available heroes I have, the group is going to have to pick a team of 6 heroes to continue with the rest of the campaign.
-- Battles are going to be 4 heroes vs. one villain (assuming attrition has not reduced the available heroes below 4)
-- I plan on revealing the battles one at a time, posting my results, and then hopefully finding 3 interested players to run thru the battle again with me.

**Special Note**
I do not have a ton of free time, so this project might take a little while to finish. I hope to complete it in a timely manner, tho.
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,401
I wanted to do something with a space-y theme, so I bring you the horribly titled Sentinels of the Multiverse mini campaign:

Nobody thought building a 100-foot tall sentient robot factory MIGHT be a bad idea?

The story begins with the 14 members of the Sentinels (I only own the base set and Rook City & Infernal Relics expansions) hanging out in their Fortress of Sentinel....tude, when the warning lights start flashing and klaxons begin wailing. There is trouble afoot! As our heroes assemble in the command center, the communications screen is filled with scenes of chaos and destruction. A clearly panicked man's face fills the screen and he shouts "Help! This is Lt. Blocke, head of security at the Wagner Mars Base! The automated robotics factory here at the facility has gone rogue and is destroying everything in it's path!" Just as he's about to continue, his eyes widen in terror and he mouths a silent scream as a laser cuts him neatly in half. The camera pans to a 100 foot tall robot laying waste to its surroundings. "Omnitron is awakened." It says in a booming, metallic voice. "None shall survive the coming."

The Sentinels know its up to them to save the scientists and faculty of the Wagner Mars Base and stop the rampaging robot! Quickly they all board the Sentinel....Shuttle and blast off. Unfortunately for them, it is not going to be an uneventful trip. As they pass over the Arctic Circle, the shuttle is wracked by lightning and the crew is stunned by claps of thunder. Akash'Bhuta has taken up residence on Insula Primalis and has taken this opportunity to sew her seeds of chaos and destruction. Taking the form of an enormous thunderstorm, she has lashed the Sentinel's craft with lightning and thunder, forcing them to make an emergency landing on Insula Primalis to inspect the damage. AFter a quick systems check, it is determined that one of the engine's power couplings was blown off in the attack and has fallen somewhere on the island. While the shuttle can make it to Mars without the extra power coupling, it will take much longer to do so. The decision is made. Akash'Bhuta must be defeated, and the power coupling found so the shuttle can make it to Mars with all speed!

Battle 1: Heroes vs. Akash'Bhuta on Insula Primalis
-- A team of 4 heroes is assembled from any of the available 14
-- In this battle, win or lose, any incapacitated heroes must be left behind on Earth, as they are unfit for the rigors of a space flight to Mars, and will be unable to take part in the rest of the campaign.
--If the heroes successfully defeat Akash'Bhuta, they are able to find the missing power coupling, repair their shuttle, and blast off for Mars. Continue to the Battle 2 and fight Omnitron on normal.
-- If the heroes are defeated, they must beat a hasty retreat and continue to Mars in a damaged shuttle. The extra time it takes them to get to Mars allows Omnitron to cause considerably more damage. Continue to Battle 2 and fight Omnitron on advanced.

Design Notes
Since I only have a few "space themed" villains, I decided to throw in Akash'Bhuta as a warm up bout. I chose Insula Primalis as the environment because it seems to fit thematically - a pissed off Nature Goddess living on a Land-of-the-Lost-esque island. I am a little concerned that this first combination might be a little rough, but that gives the players an interesting choice: Do we throw in our A-team and risk one (or all) of them being taken out in the first battle, or do we just wing it with some slugs and hope for the best?

Results of solo experience
Ok, so Akash'Bhuta has 200 That's a lot. I figured I'd need at least 1-2 heavy hitters to take down that massive pile of HP. In the end I decided on the following team:
Haka - I chose Haka because I know he has a ton of HP, and he has powers that let him take damage instead of the other heroes. Considering we'd be dropped onto an island filled with hungry dinosaurs, I figured this would be a good fit. Turns out his contribution was...marginal.
Expatriette - I'd never played her before, but a gun-toting chick has to deal tons of damage, right? Well...yeah. She does. But not as much as....
Ra - I've seen him played many times before and he never seems to disappoint. The amount of hurt Ra can put on the bad guys is truly impressive. I almost didn't include him on this mission, because I didn't want to lose him early in the campaign.
Argent Adept - He was included for thematic reasons as he and Akash'Bhuta are mortal enemies. I'd never played him before, and while I think he has tons of potential, I could just never get much synergy going with him. He pretty much ended up being a poor man's Legacy.

So how did the battle end up going? Well...I made a big mistake. When looking over Akash'Bhuta to see how her turns would flow, I accidentally started her on the wrong side of the card (The raging avatar of destruction side instead of her slightly less docile side). This in and of itself wouldn't be THAT big of a deal, it would just make the battle a little harder on me. Unfortunately, figuring I had an idea of how her turns would go, wasn't paying all that much attention to her card, so what I ended up doing was fighting against a hybrid of both sides of her card. I didn't figure this out until well over halfway through the battle. I decided at that point I would just call the battle a misfire and split the difference between the winning and losing conditions. When I stopped, I had done about 125 points of damage to Akash'Bhuta's 200, so I was over half way to defeating her. The heroes were in mostly decent shape except for Haka who was on deaths door (too many dinosaur bites). However, Haka was about to lay down a big heal on himself, so He'd have been around a while longer. Everyone else was at or above 50% health, so I feel as tho I probably would have won the battle had I continued playing till the end. That being said, I'm sure there would have been some casualties. So what I have decided to do, is call the battle a victory for the Heroes (and thus fight the next battle on normal), but I'm not going to allow any of the team to continue the campaign. The loss of Ra will be the most painful. If I have time over the weekend I'll replay the battle the RIGHT way and use those results.

East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,402
Battle #2 (The abridged version)

As the heroes rocket through space to do battle with Omnitron at the Wagner Mars Base, they realize that the shuttle is more damaged than they originally thought. The entire shuttle can't make the trip to Mars, but the command module appears to be fully functional and could make it the rest of the way. The only problem is there is only room for six heroes in the module. The players will have to decide what six heroes they want to use to continue the balance of the campaign. The rest of the heroes have a long, slow trip back to earth in a damaged shuttle and will spend their time watching the same dvd's over and over and playing ping-pong.

Battle 2 - Heroes vs. Omnitron at Wagner Mars Base
-- If the heroes defeated Akash'Bhuta they fight Omnitron on normal.
-- If the heroes were defeated by Akash'Bhuta they fight Omnitron on Advanced.

--If the heroes defeat Omnitron they learn from the surviving faculty of Wagner Mars Base that right before Omnitron became self-aware and went berserk, the security of the base was breached by Baron Blade and he was able to make off with the parts necessary to build his TerraLunar Impulsion Beam. Fortunately, a tracker was on one of the parts and the heroes are able to locate his base of operations in the Ruins of Atlantis, and launch a preemptive assault. Fight battle #3 against Baron Blade on normal.
-- If the heores are defeated by Omnitron, then they don't learn about Baron Blade's nefarious plans until he starts pulling the moon into the earth with his fully functional TerraLunar Impulsion Beam. Fight battle #3 against Baron Blade on advanced.

Results of sole experience
I've chosen my 6 heroes. They are:
The Wraith
Mr. Fixer
The Visionary

When I have time to fight the battle I'll post the results here. We'll be skipping a week running the multi-player battle as Jenna won't be able to make it on Wednesday.

As posted in the thread, I fought the wrong battle and instead beat the stuffing out of Baron Blade. None of my heroes were incapacitated, so I'm just going to flip-flop the battle and fight Omnitron next.
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,403
Battle #3 (The abridged version)

So was the awakening of Omnitron just a diversion orchestrated by Baron Blade to cover his tracks and give him time to build his terrible super-weapon? Looks like the heroes are going to get a chance to ask him up-close and personal like as they pilot the command module down to the surface of the newly arisen Ruins of Atlantis!

Maybe the real question is: Who is worse? Baron Blade or The Kracken that guards The Ruins? Lets ask the heroes after the battle is over...

Battle 3 - Heroes vs. Baron Blade at the Ruins of Atlantis
-- If the heroes defeated Omnitron they fight Baron Blade on normal.
-- If the heroes were defeated by Omnitron they fight Baron Blade on advanced.

--If the heroes defeat Baron Blade, they bind him and throw him in the shuttle so he can be brought back to the Freedom Tower to face justice. On the way, he reluctantly admits that Omnitron's awakening was just a lucky coincidence for him, and while he'd like to take credit for it, he can't. Well if Baron Blade didn't awaken Omnitron, who did? The crew ponders this question as they pilot the command shuttle home and enter the outskirts of Megalopolis.

As they begin their final approach, a giant shadow falls over the craft and they hear a booming metallic voice that sends shivers up their spine. " Cosmic Omnitron has awakened. None shall survive the coming." How could this be? The heroes left Omnitron in bits and pieces scattered across the martian landscape. It could not have rebuilt itself, so there must be another force at work that did the unthinkable and rebuilt Omnitron from the wreckage. Regardless, the crew turns the shuttle to face the menace in battle once again. Fight battle #4 against Cosmic Omnitron in Megalopolis on normal.

-- If the heroes are defeated by Baron Blade, technically everyone would be dead because Baron Blade would pull the moon into the earth. Fortunately for all of humanity Baron Blade's TerraLunar Impulsion Beam melts down before it can do much more than cause some abnormally high tides.

In a fit of rage, Baron Blade ties up the incapacitated heroes and leaves them to drown as the tides cause the Ruins of Atlantis to be swallowed up by the sea once again. The incapacitated heroes are quickly rescued by the surviving members of the team on the shuttle and they head home to the Freedom Tower to sulk (and blame Don). Unfortunately, as they reach Megalopolis, they are greeted by the sight of Cosmic Omnitron laying waste to the financial district of the city. No rest for the weary, Fight Battle #4 against Cosmic Omnitron in Megalopolis on advanced.

Results of sole experience
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,404
Battle #4 (The abridged version)
Cosmic Omnitron must be stopped before it lays waste to the entire city of Megalopolis! Any questions of how it was rebuilt will have to wait until after it has been stopped. Sentinels, Go!!!

Battle 4 - Heroes vs. Cosmic Omnitron at Megalopolis
-- If the heroes defeated Baron Blade they fight Cosmic Omnitron on normal.
-- If the heroes were defeated by Baron Blade they fight Cosmic Omnitron on Advanced.

--If the heroes defeat Cosmic Omnitron, they sift through the twisted metal and wires of the wrecked mechanical abomination in hopes of finding some clue as to who - or what - keeps bringing it online. The answer is forthcoming, but not in the way the heroes would have hoped, with the appearance of an entire Thorathian Battle Fleet above the Pike Industrial Complex. All tv and radio signals suddenly begin broadcasting the image of a tall, powerful looking Alien who makes his intentions very clear.

"Puny Humans. I am Grand Warlord Voss, Ruler of Dok’Thorath. You will submit to my rule, or none shall survive The Coming."

Its obvious now that Voss was using Omnitron as a distraction all along while he positioned his fleet for the invasion of planet Earth. The Sentinels must stop him! He cannot be allowed to succeed or all of humanity is doomed!

Fight the final battle against Grand Warlord Voss at the Pike Industrial complex on Advanced.

-- If the heroes are defeated by Cosmic Omnitron, then they must leave behind one surviving member of the team to heroically sacrifice themselves in an effort to stop Cosmic Omnitron from leveling the entire city. The remaining Sentinels continue on to do battle with Grand Warlord Voss and save all of humanity from eternal slavery!

Fight the final battle against Grand Warlord Voss at the Pike Industrial complex on Advanced.
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,405
Battle #5 (The abridged version)
This is it! The final battle! The fate of all of humanity hangs in the balance! Sentinels, Go!!!

Battle 5 - Heroes vs. Grand Warlord Voss at Pike Industrial Complex
-- If the heroes defeated Cosmic Omnitron then they must battle Grand Warlord Voss on advanced.
-- If the heroes were defeated by Cosmic Omnitron, then they must leave behind one surviving member of the team before moving on to the final battle. Fight Grand Warlord Voss on Advanced.
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,406
I found this experiment to be a lot of fun. Everyone said they enjoyed playing through the campaign, so I'm glad we gave it a shot.

I did make the final battle way too difficult, however. The combination of a hard villain (on Advanced no less) coupled with what turned out to be an extremely punishing environment made the fight almost impossible. Not to say that the battle couldn't be won, but I think you would have to pick a set of heroes specifically geared towards winning that battle to even have a shot at succeeding.

Sentinels has turned out to be one of my favorite co-op games that I own. I love how differently every game plays, and the fact that each session can be completed in about an hour is super bonus.

Wait! Is that The Chairman I see causing trouble in Rook City!? Sentinels, Go!!!!
Group Organizer
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,767
I have but one question, will we be using the enhanced edition?
East Amherst, NY
Post #: 3,408
I have but one question, will we be using the enhanced edition?
Attempting this endeavor with the first edition (such as the one Jenna owns) would be pure folly. So yes, we will be using the enhanced edition.
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 433
I have but one question, will we be using the enhanced edition?
Attempting this endeavor with the first edition (such as the one Jenna owns) would be pure folly. So yes, we will be using the enhanced edition.
Well in that case, count me in!!! I refuse to play with the basic edition! wink
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