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Experience the Stockholm Archipelago at its best. This is the group for everybody with a passion for boating and the archipelago. Travel together with other nice people and enjoy the fresh air and sea water!

Do you like day trips or weekend trips? Sailing or motorboats? Sleeping in the boat or renting cottages? We can stop at secluded islands for dinners, sauna or overnight parties! The possibilities are endless.

Both seasoned sailors and beginners are welcome to our events.

Let’s meet and go boating!


***About the group***

This group was founded in 2013 by Björn Isberg and me, Joel Ring. We started it because we both wanted to be out at sea with like-minded people.

As co-founder of this group, I have organized most of the activities so far. I am a certified skipper, and teach sailing and arrange boat tours for a living.

Since 2018, I own a boating company called "Sjösugen" (www.sjosugen.se), where I offer both boat training and boat experiences. I am also affiliated with "Sjösportskolan" (www.sjosportskolan.se) that offers boat training and "Saltsjöns Marinpool" (www.marinpool.se) that offers boat rentals.

This group will publish paid events from time to time in cooperation with these companies. But the group is also open for anyone to propose and arrange their own activities without any costs.

My wish is to host an active community with plenty of fun meetups.

***Propose and arrange your own activity***

All members are encouraged to suggest and host their own activities. If there is something you want to do, just write about it in the 'discussions' section.

Please note that for boat activities, the skipper of the boat is always responsible for the passenger's safety. The meetup group itself will not take any responsibility in case of any accidents.

Welcome to the group! Join an event or create one yourself. Have fun!

/Joel Ring, Founder of Boating Adventure

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