Angular and webcomponents

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17.30 -18.30 Welcome, food and drinks
18.30 – 19.15 Progressive Web Apps - Lars Meijdam en Marcel Visser – Rockstars IT
19.15 – 19.45 Break
19.45 – 20.30 Taming huge enterprise applications with Mono repos, Design Systems & Web Components - Stefan Nieuwenhuis –
20.30 Drinks

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are trending in the front-end developer world. They have the reach of the web, but also the power to be used offline. Developers now have full control over caching methodologies and the power to make ⚡ blazing fast and integrated apps.

During the talk we will discuss:
• What is a PWA?
• How is a PWA different than a native app?
• How do you create a PWA?

The talk is supplemented with a live demo to display the power of this cool new technology! 😎

Taming huge enterprise applications with Mono repos, Design Systems & Web Components
At the back office of, fifteen autonomous development teams are working together to build and maintain huge enterprise applications. Knowing that every team gets the best out of themselves through a large degree of autonomy, we decided not to force anyone to choose for a particular framework or development paradigms, which introduces lots of different challenges. One of them is maintaining consistency. In order to keep everything sane, we choose a different approach: Building a framework independent Design System with Web Components.
This talk:
• Provides an overview of the enterprise application landscape and organization of teams at the back office of
• Covers the daily challenges faced by teams in extremely dynamic, enterprise environments
• Covers what a Design System is and how it helps to solve those challenges
• Covers how to use Web Components as the base for a reusable Components Library
• Covers what the pros & cons are of Web Components
• Covers what is Stencil and how it helps us building and maintaining our Components Library
• Covers how to organize a Components Library in a mono repository