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This group is for anyone who is avid, once in a while, new, or wanting to get back to reading person. I know there are many of us that would like to take a little bit of "me" time and get absorbed in a really good book. Anyone else do the "when I have time" thing? buy a book that isn't read? or read such a fantastic (or horrible book for that matter) and had no one to discuss it with? Raise your hand; ok put them all down now! 

Our goal is an approachable, relaxed group all can look forward to. (It's a good excuse for getting off the phone. "So ummm, my book club is starting. I have to go!" No pressure and all suggestions welcomed.
Here's a read on why a book club is for you https://terrikozlowski.com/why-join-a-book-club/

                                            * HOT TIPS* HOT TIPS * HOT TIPS * HOT TIPS* 

There is a plethora (a PLETHORA I tell ya) of options in accessing books. Please take advantage of your local library (yep they're still around I promise; and ahhhh that book smell!). They have a physical book, e-book, and audiobook most of the time. There are apps that allow you to borrow as well. I'm a member of the San Francisco public library and e-books are sent directly to my Kindle ... FOR FREE. Buying can get pricey. 
You'll be surprised at how far along you get with an audiobook while driving, folding laundry, cleaning, sitting in the DMV, walking the dog (or yourself) or waiting for your partner/kids/grandma to finish trying on 15 things at Target that look exactly alike.
I also suggest signing up for Goodreads. It's free and very informative with critic reviews, reader reviews, award winners, author bio's, Oprah & Reese Witherspoon's book club picks, keep track what books you'd like to read etc. etc.; all in one place. It also has a reading challenge for you if you'd like and your progress tracked.

A few simple rules:
* After 2 no shows and over six months of last visiting our page, you'll be removed. MeetUp charges fees dependent on the number of members)
* Please no political, religious discussions or other sensitive subjects. We all have our beliefs and our book club is not the place. 
* Trash talking, intimidation and sexual harassment are not tolerated. PERIOD.

Alrighty then ... what are you waiting for?! Please introduce yourself to the group :)

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"When No One Is Watching" by Alyssa Cole

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Join us for a virtual book club event to discuss "When No One Is Watching" by Alyssa Cole.

"Sydney Green is Brooklyn born and raised, but her beloved neighborhood seems to change every time she blinks. Condos are sprouting like weeds, FOR SALE signs are popping up overnight, and the neighbors she’s known all her life are disappearing. To hold onto her community’s past and present, Sydney channels her frustration into a walking tour and finds an unlikely and unwanted assistant in one of the new arrivals to the block—her neighbor Theo.

But Sydney and Theo’s deep dive into history quickly becomes a dizzying descent into paranoia and fear. Their neighbors may not have moved to the suburbs after all, and the push to revitalize the community may be more deadly than advertised.

When does coincidence become conspiracy? Where do people go when gentrification pushes them out? Can Sydney and Theo trust each other—or themselves—long enough to find out before they too disappear?"

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"The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue" by V.E. Schwab

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