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RSVP's open on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hey hey Readers! Get ready for some LISTENIN'! March is the month of the Audio book.

The idea is that we will discuss the experience of reading an audio book. These books are available at the library, can be downloaded from other sources. I know some folks are aware of how to get downloaded books from *ahem* alternate free sources, so if you don't mind sharing your secrets in the comments below, we will be much obliged.

Knots and Crosses (, by Ian Rankin


Dead I Well May Be (, by Adrian McKinty

Since it takes a bit longer to listen to a book, you may want to give yourself some extra time to get through these.

Happy Reading! ...Or "listening", as it were.


If the RSVP list is full don't hesitate to jump on the waiting list. You'll be surprised how fast the list turns over as the big day approaches (especially the last 24hrs!). So if you DO wind up on the waiting list you'd better keep your calender clear.

Just a brief note on our methods and madness:

The point of choosing more then one book is to engage as many different tastes as possible. The added bonus is that it gives us a platform for discussion - which is why the books we choose are always thematically similar.

We don't expect you to always have the time to read both monthly book selections. You can rest assured that our conversations are so deliciously booky in general, that you really only need to be a lover of the written word to find something to get down and dirty with.

That said, its entirely up to you how much you're going to be bothered by spoilers, or discussion about books you haven't read, because we don't hold back! [aka: SPOILER ALERT]

So if you want to come out - even if you haven't read the books - by all means c'mon out! Even folks who haven't read any of the books on offer that month at all have left having had a great time!

* All of our books are chosen as a collective at each meeting. We're like the Borg that way.


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