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Have a Cosmic meeting (Cosmology, Universe, Space Exploration, Nature of Univers

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Kathy's House

Private residence · Newport Beach, CA

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I'll be doing last-minute slicing and dicing in the kitchen, or setting out chairs

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Love to read and discuss books with others but don't want the pressure of finishing a particular book in time for a book discussion? This meetup is for you. We won't discuss one specific book at this meetup. We've delved into the Middle East, the economy, Japan, mysteries, science fiction...our topic for May is even more "out there": We're encouraging members to read and be ready to discuss a a book about anything "space-y" to prepare for this meetup. Take time to ponder the mysteries of string theory. Explore scientist's speculation about what it's like on the planets around Jupiter. How do cosmologists figure out what the early universe was like? How did physicists come up with the idea of black holes before they went out and looked for them? Share the excitement of the scientists writing about how they are finding planets around other suns. Members attending this meeting will be reading books to find their answers to these and numerous other speculations. I've started reading Leonard Susskind's "The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design". Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking, and Kip Talbot are a couple of other authors to consider.

The meeting will be in a private residence near the 405/55/73 intersection. Since the meeting is during dinnertime, please bring a favorite main dish, side dish, dessert, or drink to share. I'll email people who RSVP 'yes' about a week before the event with the address.

This book club has two types of meetings. At one type of meeting, we alternate monthly between fiction and non-fiction, and generally meet at a Panera Bread in Irvine. We also have 'theme' meetings, where members are encouraged to discuss any book in a theme, such as mysteries, India, founding fathers, Japan, the Middle East, or sports and adventure.