Demystify Mystery!

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Do you remember donning the detective's hat, a cape perhaps, chancing upon a magnifying glass and then breaking into a run through your house and backyard and neighbourhood, seeking clues, solving them to finally putting it all together and then nabbing the culprit! Yes, being a detective and a mighty good one has had each of us fascinated from a very long time. Wasn't it the secret ambition we all harboured?

The mysterious lives of detectives, their adventures have had our heads spinning always. And reading books on detectives fuelled our desires. Love them or hate them, or continue to read them, detective fiction are the most loved books of all. Be it travelling along with the Belgian genius, Poirot, or keenly observing along with Miss Marple, or never matching up to Sherlock, or travelling through the hills of North Bengal with Felu Da, devouring cucumber sandwiches with the Famous Five and discussing it all, detective fiction is the quintessential adrenaline rush we all love.

And to celebrate the adventure, BBC is organising the next book club meet on detective fiction. Join readers as they walk down memory lane, discussing it all. Come and demystify mystery.