Past Meetup

NEW! Morning Hikes in Barton Creek Greenbelt for 2014.


Welcome to Its Boomertime Meetup NEW! Morning Hikes in Barton Creek Greenbelt (BCG) for 2014. We meet in Travis Country (South Austin) at my condo. Hike days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday - rain or shine, hot or cold. Start time is promptly at 8:30 am.

My goals for hiking are to have FUN and stay HEALTHY. I have been hiking the Barton Creek Greenbelt for 4+ years and it makes me happy just being outdoors and experiencing Austin's incredible natural environment. I am offering to show other Boomers the beautiful trails within BCG that I hike and bike on.

In 2014 I will be doing 3 different types of hikes.

Monday will be a recovery day for me after biking on Saturday and Sunday. These easy-does-it hikes will be short in time (1.5 - 2 hours) and distance (3 - 4 miles) with little elevation change on the least technical terrain.

Wednesday will be my normal hike of approximately 2 - 2.5 hours, in which time I might cover 5+ miles, depending on the weather and trail conditions.

Friday will be devoted to "training" hikes of approximately 7 - 10 miles, lasting 3 - 5 hours with ample doses of climbing. I am starting with 7 milers and working up to an occasional 10 miler. Hikes over 3 hours will include a rest stop for a snack or swim. I am going on a hiking vacation and these hikes will help prepare me for the longer distances I expect to encounter in the mountains.

NOTE: Many of the trails are steep, rooty and rocky (“technical”) and may contain obstacles including trees with low branches, rocks and boulders, ledges, obscure roots and loose gravel. After a rain there may be standing water and mud. Rocks and roots can be very slippery. Attendance is your acknowledgment of the potential risks and acceptance that anything can happen at anytime for any reason. If you lack hiking experience or have balance or health issues this Meetup is not for you.

Proper preparation is essential. Eat breakfast - your body is an engine that needs fuel to perform. You should bring water and consider a snack, hat, walking stick, sunscreen, bug spray and clothing that “wicks.” I always wear water-proof hiking boots with wool socks for foot protection and stability. A rewarding hiking experience comes from being well prepared and having the right equipment.

My dogs Boomer and Todd hike with me. If you have a dog that can be off-leash, bring it. Leashed dogs are hazardous on technical trails and are not permitted. You will need to bring water for your dog and a leash for walking on streets and in residential areas.

PS - Afterwards drinks and healthy snacks are available at my house. I have plenty of dry towels, if needed