Build Pipelines, Logging and Clean Architecture

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Mobile Deployment Pipeline

In this talk, we will go through our development and delivery pipeline and the technologies that power it for releasing our mobile SDK and B2B / B2C apps:
- internal Android library deployment using Artifactory.
- access-controlled Android library deployment using Bintray.
- mobile app CI and internal testing using Fastlane, Bitrise, Crashlytics Beta and Instabug.

Remote Logging on Mobile

In TrueMotion, the bulk of Android app code runs in the background, without user interaction and the symptoms of a bad behaving app can be more subtle than a crash. In this talk, we will show how to instrument your code and how to troubleshoot your app on the field using log analytics.

Antoine Dubois-Rande is currently leading the mobile team at TrueMotion. He's been doing Android development since Android 2.2. Before that, he graduated with a masters in Computer Science from ECE Paris, France in 2007 and worked as an embedded software engineer for a bit. His interests are system architecture, iOS and Android app and framework development, Test Driven Development and Build Ops.

Clean architecture, how to approach it and advantages of using it in Android

In this talk we are going to learn what Clean architecture is and why is important, we are also going to discuss what are the advantages of implementing it in the Android apps, and we are going to present how it helped us to solve some of the issues we had in TrueMotion.

Misa Torres has more than 12 years of experience working with the Java language and 5 years of experience working with Android. He also has worked with other mobile technologies such as J2ME, Blackberry and Hybird frameworks. He has participated in the IBM ICPC as a contestant, coach, and problem setter. During his free time he likes to develop video games, read technical articles, hike, and drive where the wind goes.