Java and CMS: An Open Source Implementation and Lab

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Java and CMS: An Open Source Implementation and Lab

These days Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming the essential part of both enterprise and web content management applications/systems. There are numerous benefits of using a CMS solution based on open standards and technologies rather than re-inventing a solution by every project that deals with content. With the advent of Java Content Repository (JCR) specs, there are several Java based CMS both Open and Closed Source projects/products offer varieties of implementation based on JCR. Hippo CMS is a well evolved Open Source CMS technology which uses Apache Jackrabbit Implementation of JCR.
This session is about:A Quick overview of JCR (JSR 170) specs and Apache Jackrabbit ImplementationHippo CMS Introduction and Hands-on Lab (Develop a reusable business component with web presentation logic.)
Links: JCR 1.0 Specs : Apache Jackrabbit: Hippo CMS Getting Started:


Mahesh Acharya is a full stack software developer with about 20 years of experience software applications, api and systems development in java and other technologies especially in the area of front-end applications and tools development and operations process automation. Mahesh is currently working as a solution architect at Hippo USA Inc., in Boston, is a strong believer of continuous learning, sharing the knowledge and mentoring others, he is also an active member of NEJUG production team. LinkedIn: