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JAVA and Ajax: ZK Framework

ZK, an open source Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) framework written in Java™ code, lets you write a Web 2.0-enabled, rich Internet application without writing a single line of JavaScript code. Typical Ajax frameworks like Dojo have JavaScript libraries that expose certain API's for making "Ajaxified" calls. ZK, on the other hand, uses a meta-definition based on XML to define the user interface. Translation to HTML code then occurs when this page is requested by the client.

Nikhil Dole
Nikhil is a java/j2ee programmer since 2001. He has worked on front end as well as middle ware technologies. On Front end side he has worked on Struts , JSF , ZK framework. On the Middleware side he has worked on JMS. Nikhil asl played extensively Spring and Hibernate. He is currently working as a Consultant Java Developer at Putnam Investments.