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Deleuze & Guatari-A Thousand Plateaus - Vol. 2 of Capitalism and Schizophrenia
- Chapter 1, Rhizome.
Available on line at:

Chapter 1 is a foundational summary of his methodology following 1969, and is very useful for understanding that moment in contemporary French philosophy and the upheaval in academic culture that was occurring at that time in France. Deleuze was recruited to the experimental University of Paris at Vicennes by Foucault where he held mass, open lectures for about 2 years, in a controversial form of populist education. There he encountered radical Maoists like Badiou, who criticized what they saw as an indulgent, Bourgeois form of pseudo-Anarachic Liberationism (what Lenin had termed "Left-Wing Communism" and derisively called "an infantile disorder"), lurking in Deleuze, Lyotard and Foucault.