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Summer Radio Mystery Theatre: The Sign of Four

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"In the early days of his association with Dr. Watson, the yet-to-be-famous Private Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes, is confronted with a case so strange that it will tax even his tremendous mental faculties."

The Post-Meridian Radio Players perform "radio theater" with both actors and sound effects artists live on stage.

The church where they are performing is not far from the Rosebud Diner where our meetups were (before it closed).

I propose to go to the 2:00pm matinee on Saturday, July 13th. We can go for lunch beforehand if people are interested; meet between the Davis T station and the Somerville Theater at 12 noon and then we can figure out where we all want to go. If you aren't doing lunch then catch up with us at the performance site 1:30-ish.

See for information.

UPDATE: If we get to 10 people there may be a group ticket discount available. You may want to wait on buying a ticket until we see if we hit 10 attendees. I have sent an email asking what the group discount would be.