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Good New Everyone!

Gabe and Tycho released the schedule ( (finally) of PAX East (! Based on what I'm seeing on the schedule, 1:15 looks like the ideal time to have a lunch gathering unless you like MtG or are in a tournament.

So! Let us meetup for lunch and maybe play a board game together! This will be our fifth such event in as many years. Every year we get a little better at meeting up with people at the Expo. A more specific location for the lunch will be posted when they put up a map of where everything is going to be and I have had a chance to look around that Friday. I will update the meetup listing then.

Should be fun, see you there!

NOTE: You need a pass to this event to attend as it will be held within the Con. Signing up for this meetup does not get you into the Expo. Passes for PAX East are sold out. If you have not already bought a pass to this event, your best bet to get one will be the PA forums where people will be posting that they have extra passes, or on Ebay/craigslist (but you will likely pay a lot and possibly get a fake). Please be aware that there have been unscrupulous people in the past selling fake passes. You run the risk of buying a fake pass if you buy it online. (