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BostonJS Artificial Intelligence in the browser & AJAX Avalanche

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Welcome to ❤ February ❤ edition of BostonJS!

Thank you to KAYAK, our sponsor for the night. They're providing us with the space, food and drinks!


6:30 - 7:00 pm Welcome, networking!
7:00 - 7:10 pm Opening notes, previewing contestants
7:10 - 8:30 pm Talks
8:30 - 9:00 pm Networking, Bye!


🎤 Artificial Intelligence in the browser
Sudeep Sinha - Web developer at KAYAK

This talk will give a brief introduction of how tensorflowjs can be used in the client side to give a better user experience. We will go through the benefits and limitations of doing ML on the client side. Finally, we will go through the main parts of a sample app which uses tensorflowjs on a pre-trained model.

Sudeep has over 10 years experience in developing web applications. He likes to solve complicated coding problems. Everyday Sudeep solves travel related problems with smart and like minded people.

🎤 AJAX Avalanche
Dan Robertson - Web developer at KAYAK

This is not a JavaScript bloat talk. This isn’t even much of a JavaScript talk. Instead, we will focus on the consequences of building an elephant sized application, and the journey KAYAK took to shrink its down to a rhino. Along the way, we’ll look at how sites across the web appease user impatience during the few crucial moments of page load.

Dan joined KAYAK through their internship program and worked as a software engineer for his 5 year tenure in tech. The majority of his time goes into building KAYAK’s _awesome_ flight search product. He splits his time between Java and JavaScript, his favorite similarly named but scantly related dynamic duo.

Lina Lekova - Lead Organizer BostonJS
Adam Conrad - Co-organizer BostonJS
Vinay Raghu - Co-organizer BostonJS
Yolanda Li - Director, Talent KAYAK
Emily Innis - Office Manager KAYAK
Darius Aseriskis - Director of Engineering KAYAK

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