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MetroWest Weekly Meetup

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WHAT: MetroWest Weekly Meetup
WHEN: EVERY Thursday
TIME: 6:30PM
WHO: ANYONE is welcome to come by and have a conversation in ASL
WHY: To socialize, have fun, and enjoy chatting in ASL
WHERE: Starbucks in Acton (411 Mass Ave. in Acton, MA)

NOTE: Every once a while, the location may change. PLEASE look on the website each week for confirmation. THANKS!

Anyone who loves ASL is welcome to come and be part of the fun! We want to warmly extend an invitation to Deaf people or others fluent/skilled in the language (CODAs for example) to join our group.

This is an easy-going, casual, ASL get-together to meet people who enjoy American Sign Language, who want to brush up on their signing skills, and want to learn more ASL by using it as often as possible.

We strive to have a good time and communicate without using voices. If we need to, we draw or write what we don't know how to sign, and if lots of folks show up, we split up into small groups and mix and mingle, so we can actually see one another clearly, face-to-face and get a good conversation going.

Don't be afraid or shy if you're not "perfect" at ASL, because being "perfect" is not the point of this group. No one expects that everyone will be at the same level, and none of us mind slowing down or repeating what we have signed so that everyone understands.

We all laugh WITH one another as we fumble along, mess things up, and start over again. This isn't an ASL class, since none of us are certified ASL teachers, so there's really no pressure or expectation--other than that we all use ASL to communicate. We all learn from one another!

IF you've taken an ASL/Sign Language class before (or have had exposure to someone who uses the language) and know the basics (alphabet, numbers 1-20, and even a small vocabulary of signs ), then join us to get your fingers, hands, face and body moving, ASL-style!

IF you haven't taken an ASL class, or don't know the basics, don't be discouraged ... you can come along anyway and learn by watching, and gradually, participating. We have lots of resources that we can suggest for learning ASL from a qualified teacher or authentic source, such as books, online classes, and local classes at various locations near Boston.

If you can, "officially" RSVP, even if the RSVP is "No," so that we know who is definitely going to come.

It will be great to see folks!

Shana and other MetroWest ASL members!