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Join us Tuesday for a special after-work celebration! This event is the Boston stop on the Sunday Assembly international 40 Dates 40 Nights tour. It will also act as a sneak preview of Sunday Assembly Boston, which in January 2014 will begin holding public gatherings every month. The atmosphere at Sunday Assembly is family-friendly, wholly celebratory, and radically inclusive. We’re a place for you to find a sense of belonging, surrounded by good music, ideas that matter, and community. We’re a place for people who believe you don’t need a higher power to live better, help often, and wonder more in this one life we know we have.

This event features:
- Musician Pippa Evans and comedian Sanderson Jones, founders of Sunday Assembly
- Mary Johnson, author, activist, and former member of the Sisters in Charity in Calcutta, speaking about the secular sense of "calling"
- The Sunday Assembly in Boston House Band
- Daniel Thomas Moran, New Hampshire Poet
- and YOU!

Together we can:

Live Better. ///// Modern life pushes us away from one another and draws up these barriers, making it easy to become self-absorbed. We're here to offer something different: a place to come together as a community, and grow not only the circle of who you know, but also in who you are.

Help Often. ///// As self-sufficient as we try to be in our lives, there are times when each of us needs a little help. We're trying to create a community of people who come together to be that help for one another. Come learn more about how you too can help often.

Wonder More. ///// Remember looking up at the stars and trying fruitlessly to count an impossible multitude? We do. This life is full of people and place and things amazing and wondrous, not to mention as-yet unanswered questions. Join us at Sunday Assembly, where we'll wonder more together.

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