Canceled -Zookeeper on Windows Azure PaaS + 2nd Generation PaaS on Windows Azure

This is a past event

40 people went



NERD called us about tonight and told us that all the other groups meeting at NERD tonight have already canceled. We are figuring it is prudent to cancel, so that's what we are doing.

Stay warm! Stay safe! Stay dry! See you February 20 for AzureWatch + elasticsearch.

-Bill, Nazik, and George

Join us for two talks - 1. Apache Zookeeper on Windows Azure PaaS followed by 2. 2nd Generation PaaS 2.0 on Windows Azure - at Jan 2014 Boston Azure Meeting.


6:00-6:25 - Gather, have some pizza, grab a cold drink, socialize

6:25-6:30 - Call to order, grab a seat

6:30-7:00 - Nazik Huq presenting Apache Zookeeper on Windows Azure PaaS

Cluster coordination and management gets difficult as more and more applications are being architected for the cloud in a distributed fashion. Zookeeper(Zk), an Apache Foundation top level project, can help in this regard. Operating and managing Zk requires advanced IT Pro or DevOps knowledge. Nazik Huq will give an introduction to Zk and demonstrate deploying it on Windows Azure PaaS in minutes so you can focus more on your domain application and less on managing the infrastructure.

About Nazik Huq:

Nazik Huq specializes in multichannel E-Commerce, Data integration and big data search solutions using various cloud technologies including Windows Azure

7:00-8:15 - Bill Wilder presenting PaaS 2.0 on Windows Azure (details below)

Cloud Services + Web Sites = PaaS 2.0 on Windows Azure

2nd Generation PaaS 2.0 on Windows Azure -

8:15-8:30 - Giveaways, announcements

8:30-?:00 - Possibly grab a cold beverage nearby

DETAILS for PaaS 2.0 on Windows Azure - Beyond Cloud Services to Web Sites

Platform as a Service (PaaS) has been core to the Windows Azure Cloud Platform since it was unveiled back in 2008 oriented around Cloud Services. But the shape of PaaS has shifted in the past year with the emergence of Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS). WAWS joins Cloud Services as an alternative PaaS toolbox, but is also at once more productive, but less powerful. In the same time-frame the WAWS was developing, an IaaS Virtual Machines model was also added to the mix. In this talk we will look across the different service models and platform offerings, understand their places, and when to use which model (and when to use multiple models together).

About Bill:

Bill Wilder founded the Boston Azure User Group in 2009, is an Azure-focused cloud consultant, a Windows Azure MVP, and an Azure Insider. Bill blogs at and can be followed on twitter at @codingoutloud ( Bill also wrote a book about cloud concepts that many readers have found helpful: Cloud Architecture Patterns: (

[Note: NERD has instituted a new policy requiring all community visitors sign a waiver as they enter the facility. The text of this can be found here: ]

1/21/2014 - 6:00pm-8:30pm - Thomas Paul room, set theater for 40 people.