Searching with Elasticsearch on Windows Azure Linux VM + Overview of AzureWatch

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Join us for two talks - 1. AzureWatch Overview @ 6:30 followed by 2. Searching with elasticsearch on Windows Azure @ 7:00 - both on Feb 20, 2014 Boston Azure Meeting at NERD.


6:00-6:25 - Gather, have some pizza, grab a cold drink, socialize

6:25-6:30 - Call to order, grab a seat

6:30-7:00 - AzureWatch talk (details below)

7:00-8:15 - elasticsearch talk (details below)

8:15-8:30 - Giveaways, announcements

8:30-?:00 - Possibly grab a cold beverage nearby

DETAILS ON elasticsearch TALK

Search is a perennial challenge in many applications, including those running on the cloud. Making news recently was elasticsearch when Wikipedia selected it as their new search engine, replacing their aging in-house Lucene wrapper. They also considered going with Solr, but elasticsearch came out on top, as explained in this a recent blog post (

Join us for a talk by Chris Morley as he gives an overview of elasticsearch on a Linux back-end running on a Linux VM in Windows Azure. In this talk, Chris will explain elasticsearch while demoing functionality through 2 different front-ends: a Windows 8 Store app (Xaml / Windows Store), and a more traditional web app using Windows Azure Web Sites with jQuery.


AzureWatch is one of the earliest available commercial services targeted at the Windows Azure platform. AzureWatch provides a range of management and monitoring features as a commercial service. In our opening talk, Igor Papirov (@ipapirov (, founder of Paraleap Technologies (@paraleap (, architect of AzureWatch, and an Azure Insider will demo the product and answer your questions.

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1/21/2014 - 6:00pm-8:30pm - Thomas Paul room, set theater for 40 people.