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Jason Haley: Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions

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Don't miss our featured talk where Azure WebJob expert Jason Haley introduces WebJobs then looks into advanced topics in the WebJobs SDK, Triggers, Bindings, and a really cool customization.

In the opening talk, Bill Wilder will talk on Locking down Azure SQL Database.


• 6:00-6:30 -- Enjoy some Pizza & Socialize

• 6:30-7:00 -- Opening talk by Bill Wilder: Locking down Azure SQL Database

• 7:00-8:15 -- Featured talk by Jason Haley: Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions

• 8:15-8:30 -- Announcements, wrap-up, done

Featured Topic:

In this session, we’ll start with a high level overview of WebJobs and what they are. Then we’ll look at the WebJobs SDK and learn about Triggers and Bindings. Once the stage is set, then we’ll get to some practical every day uses for the Triggers and Bindings that are provided by the WebJobs SDK and WebJobs SDK Extensions.

Some practical scenarios we’ll cover:

· Triggering a function’s logic by watching a queue (Queue Trigger)

· How to send a file to blob storage (Blob Binding)

· Executing a function on a cron schedule (Timer Trigger)

· Sending a message via SendGrid in a WebJob with very little code

· How to surface your own logging from a WebJob

· Work with multiple azure storage accounts

· Writing you own NameResolver and why you would want to

· How to customize the serialization when using the Blob binding

· How to use the Table binding to store data in table storage

Event: Boston Azure June Meeting


Time: 6:00pm

Set Up: theatre

Room Location: 1MEM - 1st Sampson/Paul

Number of People: 50