Cloud Production Debugging in Azure

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Boston Azure community - we have an opportunity to host a talk by Alon Fliess, Chief Architect of CodeValue, on Oct 15th.


We are confirmed for the venue at MIT next to NERD on the Main Street side at

MIT Sloan
E62-250 (Building E62 - Room 250)
100 Main St, Cambridge

-Bill & Veronika

DRAFT AGENDA/TOPICS (subject to change until marked as finalize and until venue is secured):
6:00-7:00 - eat and drink
7:00-8:15 - Alon's talk
8:15-8:30 - Q&A, wrap up

FEATURED TOPIC: Cloud Production Debugging in Azure

Production debugging is about solving customer-facing issues that aren't easily reproducible in the dev or test environments. When it comes to cloud hosted application, production debugging becomes even harder, a call can span many services. A remote debugging session with the cloud is dangerous and may introduce side effects such as performance degradation, interruption of service, and data correctness issues.

Microsoft provides a way that let you take a snapshot - a dump file of a service hosted in Azure, a single frame from a movie – it might reveal some facts about the execution state, but it does not enable full debugging session.

This session presents a revolutionary tool for a collaborative cloud debugging – OzCode Debugging as a Service (DaaS). You will see how DevOps and Dev can solve a production problem, by using a snapshot and having what-if scenarios where the developer can change the code and data and see the result without effecting the production environment.

Audience will learn:
• Understand the methods and tools for production debugging
• Learn about breakpoints that don't break (Snappoints & Logpoints)
• Understand the DevOps collaborative problem solving new approach with DaaS

SPEAKER: Alon Fliess, Chief Architect, CodeValue

Alon is the Chief Architect and founder of CodeValue and OzCode. With more than 25 years of experience, Alon has done major software development, design and architecture for global leading- and cutting-edge companies. Alon is recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director since 2010, and a Microsoft MVP since 2005. Alon is an expert in many technologies, be it Microsoft Azure Development, .NET, Windows internals, C++ Windows programming, Internet of Things – hardware & software development, and cross-platform development (Windows & Linux). More than all, Alon loves the nights. This is the time he enjoys sitting in front of the computer, learning and testing new technologies, writing code, building new IoT devices, designing, and printing 3D items.