Introduction to the Windows Azure SDK


In this introductory session, we will crack open the Windows Azure SDK for .NET and look at example programs, tools, and libraries to help you get to know the Windows Azure Platform.

(Looking for the the HANDS-ON meeting -- the one where you bring your own Azure-ready laptop? This is NOT it. Due to an unexpected logistical challenge, that meeting has been moved to May ( For the March meeting, you do not need to bring your Azure-ready laptop.)

6:00-6:25 - Pizza & social time

6:25-6:30 - Call to order & grab a seat

6:30-7:00 - Another look at Hadoop on Azure

Last month we took a look at what MapReduce was, what problems it was trying to solve, how Hadoop fits in as an engine to run MapReduce, and we had a mere glimpse at the Hadoop on Azure portal. This month we'll take a little deeper look, including a live demonstration of programming directly within Hadoop on Azure. (Bill Wilder (!/codingoutloud) will give this talk.)

Hadoop on Azure - what's in it and what are all those moving parts for Hadoop on Azure demonstration - Demonstrate coding model, walk through how to use it, and use the portal to execute some code 7:00-8:20 - Introduction to Windows Azure thru the Windows Azure SDK & Windows Azure Training Kit

Featured speaker Jason Haley (blog (, twitter ( will introduce the Windows Azure SDK and the Windows Azure Training Kit.

Overview of Windows Azure SDK ( & Windows Azure Training Kit - what is in them, how to make use of them - with probable topics such as: AuthN - Build an ASP.NET ( MVC web site with authentication (using providers in Azure storage); Add tracing statements. Log Viewer - Add a worker role that copies logged traces to a Azure Sql Server table and Add a web page to the site in #1 that serves as a log viewer. Building - Script the deployment using MSBuild and utilities in the Windows Azure SDK. 8:20-8:30 - Announcements, Swag give-aways

8:30-9:?? - Cold drink nearby

[Location: Thomas Paul (Theatre: 40, Classroom: 27) - NEW CAPACITY? TWO ROOMS]