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WazOps - DevOps on Windows Azure

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Join Todd Mancini ( (@toddmancini (, US Chief Technology Evangelist for Developer Tools at Microsoft, for a look at some tools to address the DevOps story, and how these tools can help when using the Windows Azure cloud.


6:00-6:25 - Gather, have some pizza, grab a cold drink, socialize 6:25-6:30 - Call to order, grab a seat 6:30-7:00 - Making Sense of Digital Certificates on Windows Azure 7:00-8:20 - Todd Mancini's DevOps talk 8:20-8:30 - Giveaways, announcements 8:30-?:00 - Grab a cold beverage nearby DETAILS

FEATURED TALK 7:00-8:20: When your application runs in the Windows Azure cloud, how do you understand what you have in the cloud - and when something goes wrong, how do you diagnose it? In this talk, Todd Mancini ( of Microsoft will help you understand how to answer these challenging questions, which fall into the emerging discipline of DevOps - a hybrid set of duties that is part developer and part operations.

About Todd A. Mancini

Over the past 30 years, Todd Mancini has held nearly every position related to software development, testing and management. He has worked for companies of all sizes, from his own start-up to the largest software company in the world. He built automated testing systems for Lotus Development Corporation, wrote medical software for hospital management companies, managed software development teams during the internet boom and was co-founder of several high-tech start-ups in the mid 2000′s. These unique experiences have provided him excellent insights into the composition and practices of effective software development teams at all levels of scale. Todd holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University and is currently the US Chief Technology Evangelist for Developer Tools at Microsoft, where he spends his days educating some of Microsoft’s largest customers on how to best manage their software development. In his spare time he writes video games and apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

OPENING TALK 6:30-7:00: What is a digital certificate, what can it do for you, and - more to the point - how are they used in Windows Azure. Bill Wilder ( (Boston Azure founder, and recent author of Cloud Architecture Patterns ( will present.


This month was originally tentatively scheduled to be WAAD, but we've deferred that topic until 2013.

[Location: Paul with capacity 40]