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Hands-On with the Windows Azure SDK (Bring Your Own Laptop!)

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In this introductory session, we will crack open the Windows Azure SDK for .NET and WRITE SOME CODE.

BEFORE THE MEETING - Please make sure you can run the Windows Azure SDK on your laptop:

REQUIRED: INSTALL Windows Azure SDK 1.6 - You can install everything you need for Windows Azure development using the Web Platform Installer here: => Requires Visual Studio 2010 (any version, including the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (; installs side-by-side with VS 2008). => Requires Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. What if I am stuck with Vista? Older versions of the Azure Tools & SDK work with Vista and Visual Studio 2008. These will most likely be okay, though edge cases may come up, and the labs we'll be using were not tested in such configurations. Optional: Create yourself a Windows Azure Account. Can be for a free trial account (here (, (Note: credit card will be asked for during sign-up as proof of identity.) Optional: Fiddler is an HTTP tracing tool that is useful to watch (or debug) calls to the cloud from your desktop. Download here ( Not needed for the May meeting (but no harm if you are interested): Download the Windows Azure Training Kit January 2012 Refresh - (If you do not have a Windows Azure-ready laptop, it is okay to pair program with someone else. You can also just watch, but that's probably not much fun.)

6:00-6:15 - Pizza & social time

6:15-6:20 - Call to order & grab a seat

6:20-8:20 - Introduction to Windows Azure SDK

Featured speaker is Jason Haley (blog (, twitter), though some other folks will be on hand to co-present and help audience make it through the labs. (

Orientation & Hello World Likely/Potential Topics/Breakouts (We say "potential" since we may not get to them all and will depend somewhat on the audience. We'll just our best to crank through areas at a reasonable pace. Also, we may re-order topics or tweak the exact topics. This is a working draft. All are based directly on suggestions from Boston Azure community, gathered at the March meeting.) Worker type process on a web role Multiple websites on a single web role Startup tasks Using WCF and Web API Accessing blob storage 8:20-8:30(?) - Announcements, Swag give-aways

8:30-9:?? - Cold drink nearby

8:30-9:00 - Putting in a PLACEHOLDER for OVERTIME if we need it - we'll play this by ear, but we extended our NERD room reservation to 9:00 in case we need it.

[Location: Horace Mann, 140 - classroom style capacity is 70??]