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Winter Scavenger Hunt
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Hey Everyone! Let's have a scavenger hunt. I'll add more details later on. Just gaining interest now. Everyone will out in $5 at the beginning and the team who wins,wins all the money. There will be money involved of purchasing some stuff. Looking to make to make 5/6 teams of 5 so invite your friends. The more the merrier. Make sure you have a phone that takes pictures. In order for the team to win the money, every member of the group must do it. if only a few people do the activity, you don't get the points. See you then. Please meet at the Frog Pond next to the swings. Please bring the following with you: crayons, money, and a print out of this scavenger hunt. MEET BACK at 5:15 at the CITY PLAZA FOOD COURT * Go McDonalds and buy chicken nuggets and give it to a homeless person (5 pts) * Go to Fenway and Shout I LOVE THE YANKEES (video) (10 pts) * Every member of the group must high five 5 different random people wearing the color red or blue. (5 pts) * Take a photo standing in front of the WANG Theater (10 pts) * Swing on a swingset. (5 pts) * Go to an arabic/indian store and buy the yogurt drinks and drink it (10 pts) * Go to a thrift shop and try on 3 outrageous, hideous dresses (guys & gals) (20 pts) * Take a photo by the courthouse (10 pts) * Take a photo of BU East Campus (5 pts) * Buy a cup of tea to a homeless person on the street (10 pts) * Pick up AT LEAST 30 pieces of litter. (10pts) * Take a picture with someone playing an instrument near the or in the T and give them a dollar (10 pts) * do 50 jumping jacks in front of a liquor store and shout YAaaa, I'm the world's greatest (video) (20 pts) * Start running behind someone who is running (10 pts) * Buy a pretty stamp at the post office. (5 pts) * Buy a bag of sour patch kids and shove all of them in your mouth video(20 pts) * Find a stop sign in Boston and kiss it (10 pts) * Have a police officer a hug (20 pts) * Ask for directions to the nearest cemetery using only a drawing. no talking. (video) (10pts) *Get a fortune cookie and give it to a random person, letting them know they're the chosen one (5 pts) *Get on the T and start dancing to some music (20 pts) total points: Group with the most points wins

City Place Food Court

8 - 10 Park Plaza · Boston, MA


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