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50 Shades of Manly: How Race Shapes the Way We View Masculinity

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Part II of our series on Men/Masculinity in social movements (joint with Boston's Anti-Racist's My Knapsack Is Not Invisible Group (

At this meetup, as a follow-up to our discussion on Men and Feminism (, we will dive deeper into masculinity and how it’s shaped differently around race. As in our Men and Feminism meetup, we invite/encourage all genders to participate, but are seeking the voices of male-identified folks willing to open up and be vulnerable and honest.

To ensure clarity and promote solidarity we want to be extra explicit that this is a trans-inclusive and queer-inclusive invitation.

***Trigger Warning ***

In this conversation we are encouraging lots of real talk and challenging male-identified people to share their uncensored thoughts, opinions and experiences. We are challenging people to take steps where they might stumble or make mistakes. These experiences may be damaging or triggering to those who may have had particularly traumatic experiences.

Though we will absolutely be working to uphold our guiding principle of accountability, we cannot promise safety. As such we ask that everyone exercise self-care with regard to your RSVP.


This discussion will start from the following questions:

• How does masculinity manifest itself different in different races?

• What are the different masculinities?

• What are our personal ideas of masculinity for ourselves?

• In what ways do Patriarchy and Sexism hurt men?

• How has our participation hurt us in different racial contexts?

• How does it hurt us in justice movements?

• With each other and non-male-identified people?

• Is masculinity redeemable, and if so, how do we build a new masculinity?

• What would we like masculinity to look like?

• What are some strategies we can employ to effect a change in masculinity?

• How can we unite across racial lines to challenge sexism?

• What are some forms of masculinity we’ve seen performed by others in our lives or media?


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