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This month we will be meeting at DataDog in downtown Boston for a speaker meetup with newbie-level Go topics like the language itself, setting up your tools for writing Go, learning Go from other languages, etc.

Submit your talks on We're looking for a couple full-length talks and a couple lightning talks. All experience levels in public speaking and Go programming are welcome to give a talk, and if you're a new speaker, our organizers are happy to help you prepare and practice your talk! Anyone giving their first Go talk gets an Ashley McNamara Mic Drop Gopher sticker!


6:30pm - Arrive, socialize, eat pizza

7:00pm - Talks begin

• Talks

Easy CLIs with Golang and Cobra - Cameron Pittman

Cobra is one of the easiest tools available for building well-documented CLIs. It offers a straightforward, powerful API for structuring commands and providing feedback to your users. Learn how to supercharge your CLIs with Cobra!

Writing Idiomatic Tests in Go - Ben Burwell

Newcomers to Go often find the testing framework to be a bit different from what they’re used to in other languages, and it can be daunting trying to figure out if you’re “doing it right.” I’ll provide an overview of the testing package and work through some common scenarios.

Exploring Go with Go - Mark Bates

Heard about Go? Like Code? Fantastic. Let’s spend some time, without slides, and inside VIM writing Go. I’ll answer questions and try to whip an example to answer it. (Just remember this is Newbie night, so keep questions scoped to beginners.) Along the way, I’ll try and pass on tips, tricks, and fun areas of Go that you can use everyday.

• Important to know

Boston Golang officially adopts the Go Code of Conduct ( Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know or email us at bostongolang at gmail dot com.