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Gaining the intuition necessary to solve problems with machine learning is challenging. While there are a lot of great resources available online, nothing compares with getting the chance to chat with an expert. Our goal is to help connect developers with machine learning practitioners from academia and industry.

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Deep Learning On Your Phone

48 Grove St

We're very excited to welcome Dr. Jameson Toole of Fritz to tell us about the ins-and-outs of building machine learning systems on mobile devices! Logistics: - The talk will be held at Spotify's office in Somerville. See address info above. Doors will open at 6 and the talk will start at 6:30. - The room can hold a max of 100 people (seated and standing). We will leave the registration open and allow people in *until the room is full* - We will have pizza and drinks! - Please bring ID Abstract: Machine learning and AI algorithms now outperform humans on tasks ranging from image recognition to language translation. However, sending video, audio, and other sensor data up to the cloud and back is too slow for apps like Snapchat, features like “Hey, Siri!”, and autonomous machines like self-driving cars. Developers seeking to provide seamless user experiences must now move their models down to devices on the edge of the network where they can run faster, at lower cost, and with greater privacy. This talk covers the reasons developers should be deploying deep learning models to edge devices, common roadblocks they will face, and how to overcome them. Bio: Dr. Jameson Toole is the CTO and cofounder of Fritz—helping developers teach devices how to see, hear, sense, and think. He holds undergraduate degrees in Physics, Economics, and Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan as well as a PhD in Engineering Systems from MIT. His work in the Human Mobility and Networks Lab centered on urban and transportation planning. Prior to founding Fritz, Jameson built pipelines for Project Wing at Google[X].

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