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Introduction to the Laravel Framework

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Don't miss our introduction to the Laravel framework ( by Boston PHP member Jonathan Barronville.

Over the past year, Laravel, a PHP MVC framework, has gone from being unknown to being one of the top frameworks out there, releasing the much awaited v4.1 on December 12th (

Laravel comes with many features and is built on many strong and mature software design patterns.Its main attraction is its intuitive API, which, unlike many other PHP frameworks, makes Laravel an absolute pleasure to use.

Some of the features of Laravel include:

- Awesome routing facilities.

- Eloquent, an elegant and one-of-a-kind object-relational mapper.

- Easy and convenient templating using Blade, a great templating engine built for Laravel.

- A rock-solid foundation built and based on many battle-tested Symfony components.

- Artisan, your new best friend and Laravel’s amazing CLI, which helps with database migrations, project management, and so on … you can even create your own commands.

- A modular architecture powered by Composer, which makes it easier to build scalable and less coupled apps.

- An active and supportive community.

- Amazing documentation.

- Marvelous testing facilities to make sure your apps are doing what you think they are.

- Much more.

In this talk, Jonathan will provide a solid introduction to the framework for absolute beginners … just remember to bring some PHP experience and a bright smile (very important).

Speaker Bio
Jonathan Barronville is a 19-year-old hacker (no, not that type of hacker), independent researcher, mentor, and entrepreneur. He's a technical advisor for a couple of startups ... his absolute favorite being SitterCycle ( At the moment, in the Boston community alone, Jonathan is a programming mentor for over 20 individuals. In his supposed-to-be-sleep-time, Jonathan conducts independent research on open computational education. In the past, Jonathan has helped develop insanely badass software ( for software accessibility, helped launch a free school for poor families in LaPointe des Palmistes, Port-de-Paix (northwest of Haiti), and even served as a radio show host for a while at a local radio station, Samy FM, in LaPointe des Palmistes (yeah, I laugh about that too).

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