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jQuery jAM, Season 6

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Gene B. and Mike M.


NOTE: Season 6 will be led by veteran Senior Percolator, Mike Murphy ( We are honored to be mentored by an industry professional who brings enthusiasm and wit to this challenging journey ahead of us. Expect an e-mail from Mike on launch day. Let's start jAMmin'!

jQuery jAM, our virtual self-study group focused on JavaScript, jQuery and related technologies, is returning for Season 6. This season will provide intermediate training in the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript. Prior experience with HTML and CSS is a plus. While no prior JavaScript knowledge is required, the text we will be using is likely to challenge us. (See comments below by Mike Murphy, Senior Percolator.)

The book we will be using for this journey is Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming (second edition) (

The format of a virtual self-study group is as follows:

• Each participant obtains a copy of the same textbook: Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming (second edition) (

• Each participant commits to read one chapter per week, complete the exercises and post links to your completed work.

• Each participant obtains assistance by posting questions to a discussion area set up on the Boston PHP Message Board ( for each chapter. Each participant will receive personal feedback, as well as, a weekly group e-mail update.

• Each participant who completes the book is recognized on the Self-Study Group | Wall of Accomplishment (

Note: There is no classroom instruction. There are no webcasts. There are no scheduled appointments of any kind.

Once you have access to the book, you simply proceed at a pace that best fits into your current work/life schedule. You DO NOT need to live in the Boston area to participate. Invite your friends, family members and co-workers to join in the fun!

How do I get started?

• Become a member of Boston PHP if you are not already a member. Simply click: Join us!

• Register for jQuery jAM, Season 6 ( Simply RSVP: Yes

• Obtain a copy of the book; you can read it online for FREE ( If you chose to purchase the book (the only program cost), simply visit and order Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming (second edition) ( in one of two formats -- paperback or Kindle.

When your book arrives, start your virtual learning by reading one chapter at a time, completing the exercises and posting a link to your completed work.


Q: How long will the course last?

A: We will cover 21 chapters in the book starting Sunday, January 17 and ending Saturday, June 11. Refer to the jQuery jAM, Season 6 -- Master Discussion List ( (coming soon) for specific dates.

Q: Do I have to wait until Sunday, January 17 to begin?

A: No need to wait! Feel free to begin as soon as you obtain a copy of your book. Simply post a message on the Introduce Yourself: jQuery jAM, Season 6 ( message board once you receive your book so that we can gauge participation. Then, proceed at a pace that best fits your current work/life schedule.

Q: Do I have to live in Boston to participate?

A: Not at all. This program is virtual. We have successful graduates from many states and even have graduates from countries in Europe and Africa.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Simply post a reply below and you will receive a response.

Let's start jAMmin'!!

Mike Murphy
Senior Percolator

Gene Babon
Chief Percolator

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