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For most people PHP is a language that allows them to create dynamic web pages, but not much else. Many developers have probably used PHP on the command line in the form of PEAR but even this does not take full advantage of PHP's power. PHP-GTK 2 is a PHP extension which combines the power of PHP 5 and Gtk+ 2 allowing developers to create standalone PHP applications free from the confines of a web browser. Applications written in PHP-GTK 2 can be much more powerful and interactive than those which rely on a web server.

Scott Mattocks will introduce the basic concepts of PHP-GTK 2. First we will discuss how an application can interact with the user via signals and events. Next we will see how to layout an application and present data to the user in many different formats. Finally, we will look at how to customize an application to give it a unique look and feel. These topics will be covered as we step through the process of creating a relatively simple PHP-GTK 2 application, which will be a sort of desktop mashup. The application will allow a user to search for an event using the EVDB web services API. Of course the user will want to know what the weather is like at the event, so the application will use the National Weather Service API to show the current weather in the destination city.

As always, after any healthy technical discussion food & drink must follow.

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