Past Meetup

The Scorned & Lonely Valentine....

Price: $55.00 /per person
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*This is our annual Valentine's Shoot :)

Hairstylists: Amanda Ortiz, Colleen Mclaughlin

MUA: Nastaran Sharifi

Models: Miss New England Cyndal Todd, Caitlin, Amanda, Nastaran, Jessica, Buffy Sweets, Barry W.

Cost is $55.00 for equipment fees and supplies for this shoot.

There will be several stations ready for models so as not to cause crowding between photographers looking to capture their perfect shot.

Have you ever been stood up? or have had your heart broken? :( What about that unrequitted love you've had for years or the one that got away?

Save the mushy, gushy stuff this Valentine's Day. We know a few ladies who have had some traumas in their love-life and have been left with a box of chocolates and revenge on their plate....

Did I mention: they are all VAMPIRES > :D. And you get the opportunity to expand your creative portfolios by capturing them as they prepare for one of the candy-company's favorite holidays! too bad they like blood!!!

Totally random, totally sexy and totally ready to wreak havoc on their exes.

This photoshoot will be of beautiful, classy ladies (and a gentleman) who are all ready for their evening on Valentine's Day. They will be made up intricately with a pale, contoured make-up style and colored contacts. Don't forget about the fangs. It's all about the fangs. Twilight will have nothing on these chicks...

The models will be wearing two outfits: Cocktail evening dress and all black pant/ skirt business suit. They will have interesting hairstyles in conjunction to intricate make-up by NASTARAN.

Come celebrate Valentine's Day with this group of blood-suckers, we're sure they'll capture your heart .

Here is an image of an example of the contact lenses: