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PyCon Rehearsals 1

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Jason M. and Ned B.


Join us for three PyCon presentation rehearsals, sponsored by Facebook.

Getting started testing — Ned Batchelder (45 min)

If you've never written tests before, you probably know you should, but view the whole process as a bureaucratic paperwork nightmare to check off on your ready-to-ship checklist. This is the wrong way to approach testing. Tests are a solution to a problem that is important to you: does my code work? I'll show how Python tests are written, and why.

Enough Machine Learning to Make Hacker News Readable Again — Ned Jackson Lovely

(30 min)

It's inevitable that online communities will change, and that we'll remember the community with a fondness that likely doesn't accurately reflect the former reality. We'll explore how we can take a set of articles from an online community and winnow out the stuff we feel is unworthy. We'll explore some of the machine learning tools that are just a "pip install" away, such as scikit-learn and nltk.

One Memorial Drive, Suite 100 · Cambridge, MA
15 spots left